Allow yourself to be uncomfortable

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It’s time to grow up.

It’s time to stop wanting to be a princess, a little girl, a victim that needs saving.

It’s time to allow yourself to be uncomfortable, to go where you don’t want to go, to be who you’ve always known you were.

It’s time to step of the train of self-judgment and hop on the plane of self-love.

There’s no moment that is more perfect to begin than right now.







You can change.

You can evolve.

You can transform.

But you must allow yourself to be a grown up.

To deal with what you don’t want to deal with.

You must take your life in your own hands.

– if you want it to be different

– if you want it to be less painful

– if you want it to be about more than just food and your body.

You must take the steps that feel like you’re killing part of yourself

because that is exactly what you’ll have to do.

You’ll kill your ego.

Your fearful mind will need to take a step back for love to come in.

Stop using food as the middle man to intimacy, to experience life in all its colors, to being in the here and now.

Stop using food and your body to not live.

Food will not save you.

Control will not save you.

Hating on your body will not save you.

Complaining about how hard it is (and it can be) will not save you nor serve you.

The only person who can save you is you.

Not a coach.

Not a husband.

Not a friend.

You need to grow up and save yourself.

And I am not talking about growing all serious and forgetting about the vulnerable, small child within you.

I am talking about owning up to the power that is already inside of you. The power that comes from connecting with your inner child and the essence of the goddess that is just waiting to shine.

Step up and grow into that part of you that is just waiting to be unleashed, to support you in all the best ways.

Food cannot and will not do that for you.

Being a size 0 cannot and will not do that for you.

Having a six pack cannot and will not do that for you.

Only your inside can and will.

Only that part of you that is invisible to the outside world –

until it isn’t.

Because you’ll show up

You’ll smile

You’ll radiate with confidence.

And that is the point when life just is

in flow

at peace

with ease.

There is no savior other than yourself.

There is no safety in comfort.

There is no joy in misery.

There is no hope in body-bashing.

There is nothing that moves you forward in staying stuck.

So, today and for the rest of your life, know that it’s up to you to grow up and grow into the person that doesn’t focus all her life energy on being as tiny as she can possibly be.

Take a moment to lean in and then unleash the power you have

to heal
to feel
to go where it feels uncomfortable

And soon it won’t.
And soon you’ll see.
And soon you’ll be

The light of your life.

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