When You Don’t Know How to Live in Your Body

Fall is here, which means it’s time for YOU to take your journey to body-love seriously and create a shift that will rock your life now. More on that at the bottom of this post, but first, I want to share about a massive breakthrough a client of mine recently had.


In a coaching session last week, a client told me that she has no idea how to live in her body, how to come to terms with not being thin, how to ever really, truly be at peace with her “fat”, her “rolls”, her “imperfections”.

She was crying and repeated over and over again that she just has no idea how to live in her body.

Do you ever feel this way too?

Like you are existing in a body that you have no idea how to live in?
Like you are trapped in a body that you cannot accept?
Like you are forced to come to terms with something you absolutely do not want to make peace with?

It sucks and it hurts and it’s unfair, yes.
BUT the alternative sucks even more.

Imagine living like this for the rest of your life.
Imagine hating on your every inch every day for as long as you’re here.
Imagine being at war with 95% of who you are for ever and ever and ever.

Is this something you want?
Is this the life you desire?

I sure hope it’s not.
So yeah, sometimes we have no idea how to live in a body that doesn’t conform to the photoshopped beauty ideal of our times.
Yes, it takes work to surrender to the body you were meant to have and yes, sometimes you have to smash oh so many illusions and dreams to arrive at a place of pure, lush, deep body-acceptance,

BUT you gain SO many more dreams and so much more LIFE that soon those “I need to be thin to be happy and worthy” thoughts don’t even run through your mind and heart anymore.

As my client – this beautiful, warm, funny woman – let her tears fall and her pain arise, she realized that all she had to heal was her fear of living in this body,

her terror of accepting her back fat and her rolls and her cellulite and whatever else she’s always been ashamed of,

her assumption that if she stopped hating what she saw, others would judge her, hurt her or leave her.

She wasn’t really scared of living in her body, she was terrified of what others saw in her body and what they were going to think/believe/say.

And that stopped her in her tracks, made her sit up (we were having the session in the same room!!! Which is rare for me and OH SO cool!) and smile with relief because that she could work on, that she could fix, that belief, that story she had told herself didn’t have to be true.

There was an instant shift in her energy and I knew, we both did, that in that moment she had made the decision to learn how to live in her body and love her body, no matter what she believed others would think or say about her.

In that moment, she realized that her internal barriers, her belief systems, were holding her back. It wasn’t her body – although yes, she’ll still have to work on loving her shape – but her thoughts that kept her in pain.

What’s the reason YOU are holding on to hating on your body?
What’s the true reason you feel like you cannot make peace with your fat?
What’s behind all your body-shame and guilt and fear?

Take out a pen and paper and free-write on your fears and true motives until you feel like you’ve come to the core and then begin to take the steps that’ll lead you to freedom and true body-love.

​Talking about body-love, I have something uber cool for you: an idea that came to me and that hasn’t allowed me to think about anything else because I know in my heart of hearts that this is the shift you need in order to surrender to true body-acceptance.

INTRODUCING FALLing into Body-Love – 21 Days to really dive into the symbolic nature of fall: letting go of painful beliefs and body-shame while you sink into the luxurious comfort and relief of soft blankets and transition into a new way of being with food and your body.

Here’s what will happen when YOU join FALLing into Body-Love:

  • You’ll Begin to Embrace Your Body
  • You’ll Ease Into Being At Peace With Your Weight
  • You’ll Release Shame, Fear and Guilt
  • You’ll Tap Into Balance with Food
  • You’ll Have More Fun IN and WITH your body
  • You’ll Find a New Way of Being in Your Body

And here’s what we’ll be covering in FALLing into Body-Love:

  • Cycles of Weight and Allowing Yourself to Surrendering Change with Ease
  • Letting Go of the internal weight that is keeping you down
  • Transitions and Transformations
  • Finding Your Inner Light
  • New beginnings: Fall is the PERFECT time to step into a new way of living INTO body-love
  • Comfort and Balance
  • How to Have Fun IN Your Body in this special Season

Feels good?

It does, doesn’t it?

Oh, I canNOT wait to go through this transformation with you.

We’ll start on September 22nd, of course, the beginning of fall.

Want to FALL into Body Love? Ready to tune into these beautiful seasonal energies to create transformation and let go of the pain you’ve been holding?

Sign up here: >>> http://bit.ly/2gnGBai <<<

You save $200 when you sign up BEFORE September 10!

Oh and I have 3 spots available for those of you who are PUMPED and ready to start next week.

For $747 you get the FALLing into Body-Love AND 1:1 support.

That includes 1 call each week for the next 3 weeks leading up up to the program, the program, and then 2 more calls after the program to integrate the change.

Do you feel the transformation starting already?

I can feel it, I know, I am so ready to support you through it. Are you?

Send me an email at anne-sophie@annesophie.us if you want the 1:1 support.

Spots WILL fill up, so be quick.

Again, here’s the link to sign up for the program: >>> http://bit.ly/2gnGBai <<<


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