Sometimes you just have to do it anyway

I am having one of those days where I really don’t want to do anything.
I don’t want to journal.
I don’t want to answer emails.
I don’t want to show up.
I don’t want to do anything but read/listen to music/be.

I might be a birthday hangover.

Or – and I know that this is it – it’s a case of feeling not good enough.

I feel like I’ve been a=in a rut with my writing.
I feel like I’ve been in a rut with my journaling.
I feel like I’ve been in a rut with the songs I’ve been listening to. (Random, but this sentence needed to be written).

I feel like I am not measuring up.

And so I am having a case of the “I don’t wannas”.

And it would be so easy to give in to these voices.
It would be so easy to not journal, to not write, to not answer emails, to “call in sick”, call it a day and just go back to day.

It would be so easy to stay stuck…

But I am not going to let myself even go there.
So, instead of not journaling, I journaled on the reasons for me not wanting to journal.
I wrote about what I needed to write instead of instantly going into my journaling manifesting practice.
I released and let myself went.

It’s soooo interesting what comes up when you let your intuition guide you.

And instead of not answering emails and walk away from my desk, I opened this document and started to write –

exactly where I stopped in my journal.

These mornings,
these days where you don’t want to grow,
where you don’t want to do anything,
are going to show up over and over and over again.

Especially when you are working on releasing your toxic attachment to being thin and seeing a certain number on your scale.
Especially when you’re doing some serious releasing from old belief patterns.
Especially when you are healing your destructive relationship with yourself and learning to accept yourself.

There are days where leave you just don’t want to do it.
And while it’s certainly not a crime to leave the personal development work at the door every once in awhile, it can be so easy to let it slide completely.

To go back to old patterns,
to go back to safety.

It’s SO easy to do the healing work for a few days and then,
often unintentionally,
slide back into the destructive habits that kept you sane for most of your life.

It’s SO easy because everything within you, your entire system,
wants to stay in safety.
Personal development work feels like a threat and thus, you resist.

Here’s the thing though:
it’s up to you to step it up in those moments.

I have many clients who book a 4-session coaching package with me but never use it because after session 1 the resistance gets too big and they let it.

It breaks my heart and though I do everything within my coaching power to hold them accountable, I can’t do the work for them.

(That’s coaching for you: the work is done by YOU, not the coach. The coach guides you, mentors you, asks the questions you would never ask yourself and holds you to a level of power you could never do for yourself. But still, the work is on you.)

It breaks my heart because resistance doesn’t have to lead your life,
resistance doesn’t have to be in charge.

You can use your resistance to change the direction of your life as there is always valuable information in your resistance.

So, instead of “giving in” to your resistance, investigate the beliefs that are hidden behind your need to complain, to stop, to step back, to go back to old behaviors.

What does your resistance tell you about your fears?
What does it tell you about your views on life?
What does it say about your perception of your healing journey?
What does it say about the work you’ve been doing in the past?
What does it say about the timeframe of your journey?

What does your resistance have to say about you and your life?

If you open up to it, create a dialogue with it, you’ll be blown away by the information you receive.

So, on the days where you just don’t want to sit down and journal/meditate/get coached/honor your commitments/face your fears, ask yourself what’s really going on.

What are you sacred?

Another great strategy to deal with your resistance is to look at this healing journey as if it was your work. You wouldn’t bail on work, would you?

This – in so many ways – IS the work of your life and it’s up to you to see it that way and take it seriously.

There’s nothing more serious, more amazing, more life-altering than letting go of your destructive relationship with food.

Trust me, I’ve walked the walk, I’ve done the work and I’ve never regretted holding myself accountable for a single second.

So, no, don’t run away when it gets hard.
Don’t desert yourself.
Don’t bail on this important work.
Do not let your resistance rule your life.

And instead face up to it,
talk with it and use the brilliance it has to share to heal your magnificent life.

Sometimes you just have to do it anyway. And we all know you can.

Plus, we’re all counting on you.

Yes, of course we do.

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