When resistance comes knocking at the door

meet her with a smile.

I’ve been resisting some deep inner work
for weeks now.

It’s an exercise
actually 3
that’s part of my super hot and amazing Mastermind Group
and it’s supposed to be fun
creating an even more awesome life
supporting me in living my wildest dreams


I’m not doing it.

Can’t bring myself to sit down and
write my future into the present
so it can be here now
in order to be there then.

I’m resisting.

Not sure why.

Getting angry.

Not sure why.

Being really fucking pissed
at my coach
the world.

No idea why.

Because it’s supposed to be fun.

And I’m sure that if I actually sat down and did it
I’d have the time of my life.

But every time I sit in front of my computer
or sit outside in the grass with my journal
I hate it.

Don’t wanna do it.
Kick and scream
as if I’ve morphed into the temperament of my 3-year old.

There’s a deep, deep internal resistance
that I harbor
towards releasing the blockages that keep me safe
right now.

Those inner blocks
keep me in pain
in some areas

they keep me from going big in others

they lock me in in the current state
and there’s a part of me that loves being where I’m at

doesn’t want to grow
to transform
to Anne-Sophie 2.0.

But then I do want to move up
don’t want to stay stuck
as staying stuck means going backwards

and I am committed to personal growth
at all times.

Of course I am.

I am a life coach for God’s sake.

It’s my job.

It’s what I support clients in doing.
It’s what I love doing.

But something
can’t put my finger on in just yet
keeps me from writing that
future in that specific way
that I so very much desire
and know I will have
but maybe not as fast as I could?!

Not sure.

Here’s what I know though:

1. Embrace uncertainty.
2. Meet your resistance with love and excitement.

So, first, life is uncertain.
Always has been.
Always will be.

There’s no way around it.
If you are alive right now,
you are facing uncertainty in all areas of your life.

If you’re in resistance in some areas
and you have no idea why,
embrace the unknown.

It’s OK to not know.
It’s OK to be at a loss.
It’s OK to turn in circles.

Knowing that you are committed to breaking through those chains
and beginning to walk in more of a line again
your line, of course
is all it takes.

Embrace what you don’t know.
Intend to know.
When the time is right.

Make the time right.
That’s in your hands.

So is meeting your resistance with love.

Fact is that we aren’t always in control.
The unconscious is a vast universe
often with its own rules
that we don’t know.

We take in so much information
and we don’t always know what we’re making what mean.

We’ve been through so much –
all of which you’ve survived BTW –
and we don’t always know when it’ll come back to haunt us
celebrate us
lift us up.


What you can know
hope you know
is how you’re going to respond to resistance.

You can choose to hate on it
shame yourself
put yourself down

and that might work for those of us who are very much in our masculine energy

but for the rest
all it does
is hurt us
create more resistance
take us back ten thousand steps.

You can also choose to say hi
and wave at your resistance
maybe even give her a big ol’ hug.

You’ll dance with her for a while,
so it’s always a good idea to be friendly and kind.

Why not have a conversation with her?
Using the right hand – left hand technique.

Why not go deep with her,
allowing her to tell you her purpose
her fears
her dreams?

Why not spend some quality time with her
knowing that you’re in this together anyway.

Maybe she just wants to be loved?

Maybe she needs some intention?
Maybe she just needs to be heard?

You won’t know until you ask.
You won’t know until you’re open for it.
You won’t know until you embrace her for what she is.

And that’s what I’m planning on doing.
That’s what I’ve been doing.

Kicking and screaming,
but loving nonetheless.

there’s the showing up part.

The part where you show up to do the work every day,
whether you resist or not.

The not giving up part.
The holding yourself accountable part.

The booking a coaching session,
or two,
or three,
in order to break through the resistance,
in order to get to the bottom of the fear and then
leave it all behind,

moving gloriously into your golden future,
that future you’re scared of
but giddily excited about creating,

that future that is here
and down the road at the same time.

So, how are you going to meet your resistance today?

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