Love Yourself – Here's How

Self-Love starts with a clear concept of who you are.

Being authentic, both on the inside and the outside, takes courage, strength and a deep knowledge of what you’re all about.

The good thing is that you’re not alone on this journey to more self-awareness and self-love.

Today, we’ll make a big step forward.


Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Who am I?

What does self-love mean to me?

How would self-love make me feel?

What makes me me?

What do I like?

What doesn’t interest me at all?

What am I all about?

What keeps me from loving myself?

What do I want in life?

What do I want to be like?

What is unique about you?

How do my friends describe me?

What is different about me?

What excites me?

What annoys me?

What am I truly passionate about?

What are the achievements I am the most proud of?

What am I most grateful for in life?

What are the most important things to me in life?


I want to hear from you:

How do you love yourself?

What are you struggling with?

What are you simply not satisfied with?

One secret tip I have for you that keeps most people from loving themselves: ACTION!

Most people never take action and they just wallow in self-pity. I know that you’re different and that you want to dig yourself out of this hole of self-hatred. So, take the first step towards more self-love and write down what it is you truly want, who you are and how you feel about yourself.

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