Choose yourself

Every time you feel like you’re not good enough,
choose yourself.

Every time you feel drawn back to another diet,
choose yourself,
choose your best life,
choose your highest purpose.

Every time you want to change for him or her,
choose yourself,
choose your truth,
choose your soul’s desire.

Every time you feel torn apart by your responsibilities,
choose yourself,
choose your sanity,
choose taking care of you over everything and everyone.

Always, always, always, choose yourself.

No diet,
no body shape,
no number on your scale
can make up for the importance, the peace of mind, the freedom of you being yourself, choosing yourself, standing up for yourself.

No guy,
no friend,
no boss,
no house
can give you the satisfaction, the total feeling of spaciousness,
the bold magnificence that choosing yourself can and will give you.

choose yourself.

Girl, choose yourself.

No matter what.
No matter the pressure.
No matter the pain.

Choose yourself.

There’s always something
that’ll tell you
like you’re not good enough.

There’ll always be situations
that’ll make you feel like you’re wrong
shouldn’t be who you are.

There’ll always be experiences
that’ll leave you feeling empty
wanting to run and hide.

And no matter who you’re trying to be,
how much you’re trying to change your weight,
hide your personality,
shut up and never speak up for yourself,
there’ll be disappointments.

No matter how much weight you lose,
how toned you are,
how clean your diet is,
you will not be protected from heartache,

It’s part of life.
It’s part of being human.
And dieting, being thin, changing who you are won’t save you from any of these feelings.

Sure, you may numb yourself,
you may fill yourself up,
you may momentarily feel loved by food,
but the situation will remain the same.

Sure, you may forget about the real pain
because the pain of overeating overshadows it for an hour or two,
but you’ll still feel empty,

So, wouldn’t it be better to choose yourself first?

Wouldn’t it be grand to make peace with yourself first?
Wouldn’t it be glorious to think of transforming your life and living the life of your dreams instead of touching your fat first thing in the morning and telling yourself how disgusting you are?

Wouldn’t be the best to be free?

To choose yourself?

But do you even know what that would feel like?
Can you even imagine what it’s like to be free from your obsession with food and your body?
Can you paint the picture of yourself choosing yourself first?

Have you ever tried?

What’s holding you back?
Fear of what?

Not seeing it?
Not feeling it?
Not reaching it?

Well, you have to visualize it first.
You have to know where you’re headed or you’ll never arrive.

If you don’t know what it would feel like to be free,
make something up.
If you have no idea what it’s like to not see yourself as a second class citizen,
look how others do it.
If you can’t imagine having good times in life,
listen to music that gets you in the vibe.

See it, feel it, be it.
And then work yourself towards it.

Always remember,
trust me in that,
can and will heal your pain for you.

Always remember that
a bandaid won’t fix an open wound.

Always remember that
you have everything within you that you need in order to live a life that makes sense to you.

Always remember that
you are so damn worthy of choosing yourself first.

Don’t wait to be chosen by a perfect body,
by a guy,
by the money,
by a job,
by your mom.

Don’t wait for something
out there
to choose you.

seek within
what you’re searching for on the outside.

When you start a new diet,
what are you really looking for?

Who are you trying to be loved by
when you don’t say what it’s really on your mind?

What are you trying to hold onto
when you shrink in confidence?

This love
the love you have for yourself
is good.

This love
the love you have within
is all you need.

This love
the love you can cultivate
if your really want it
will give you life.

This love
the love you are seeking by being thin
is one you were born with.

Which means you can always call it back.
Which means it was never lost.
Which means all you have to do is tear down the walls within.
Which means that you really just need to heal yourself.

Which means that
choosing yourself
is all there is.

And that love,
that choice,
might start with a thought,
a fragile,

Then turn into a whisper,
a careful,

Then turn into a decision,
a commitment,
a blissful shout-it-from-the-rooftops moment.

and it doesn’t have to take a lifetime,
it’ll turn into who you are.

A woman who chooses herself,
loves herself,
doesn’t need to be thin,
chosen by others,
to do so.

Are you ready to stop building sandcastles,
building your happiness on other people’s perception of you,
on a body that you’ll never have without being in massive pain and hunger all of your life?

Are you ready to commit to a life that is full of freedom,
bold decisions?

Are you ready to live?
To live a life that rocks your soul?

Are. You. Ready. To. Choose. Yourself?

And see yourself for the glorious woman you are,
have been,
will always be?

Are you ready to go live your magnificence life?

Then, simply,

Let’s heal your body image together. Book your 30-minute Breakthrough Session and begin choosing yourself over and over and over again. No more body hatred. No more obsession with being thin. No more pain. You can turn it around now. I can’t wait to work with you. 

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