How to Break a Very Sad Mood (and Finally Feel Happy Again)


Life has many seasons.

Good times. Bad times. OK times.

Life never stands still. It rises and ebbs.  Its water takes you on a journey around the globe with beautiful sunshine and ruthless thunderstorms.

Sometimes you’re swimming in love and then, you’re sinking in pain.

It’s not easy to navigate through the oceans of life, but it’s the only way to survive and thrive.

If you’re currently drowning in sorrow, dwelling in pain, I hear you.

You’re tired.

You’re lost.

You’re beat and feel oh so alone.

All you want to do is rest your head on a soft pillow, forget about your misery and wake up with the sun streaming through your bedroom, your heart happy and your mind free. Finally.

Whenever I feel that way, I’m reminded of one of my favorite movies EVER (seriously, I’ve probably seen this movie a thousand times): My Best Friend’s Wedding.

There’s this one scene where Julia Roberts’ character sits on the floor of the hotel hallway. She’s  messed up everything, has probably lost her best friend for good and has kinda ruined his life. She sits there, broken, beating herself up, when one of the employees tells her: This too shall pass.

This phrase has remained with me since I first saw that movie and it’s true.

Even though it doesn’t feel that way right now, this too shall and will pass.

Because that’s life.

Because that’s how it works.

Because the universe has your back. 

And this episode of Love Yourself Friday is the first step to help you break your very sad mood and finally enjoy life again.

Remember: You are loved. You are cherished. And you are not alone. 

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Now it’s your turn: What do you do to make yourself feel better whenever you feel super sad! I’d love to hear your tips and insight.

Much love,


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