Heal yourself (and others) through music with Alexa Falk

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Can you imagine having five platinum hits as songwriters in Brazil at the innocent age of 12?

Can you imagine growing up in the music business, traveling all over the US throughout your entire childhood?

Can you imagine growing up under the pressure of that industry?

I can’t, but that’s the childhood that my guest, Alexa Falk, lived.

Alexa Falk and her sister Natalee are in a country music duo called “FALK” and are currently serving as ambassadors for NEDA.

At just 23 years, Alexa Falk has already experienced the many ups and downs of being in the music industry. Starting out in country music at the ages of 8, her life seemed like a fairy tale, but on the inside, Alexa was broken.

Struggling with an eating disorder to control her emotions, Alexa almost lost her voice and her identity.

In this episode of Your Life Your Success, Alexa shares her journey and how she healed herself.

We talk about staying true to what you want and see as the right way for you, growing up in a Mormon community as one of the few non-Mormons, practicing joy, leading by example, deadly beauty and relearning how to live.

Alexa shares how gratitude and essential oils have helped her to start recovery from her eating disorder and what her role as a NEDA ambassador means to her.

Alexa also talks about freedom and what it means to hear and she shares how she integrates her music with her passion for wellness.

And so much more!

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