Love is everything. Self-love is the beginning.


You are not too old.
You are not too young.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.
Exactly where you’re supposed to be to do what needs to happen in your life.

That thing you’ve always wanted to do –
the healing
the breaking free
the forgiving
the loving your body as she is –
it can happen now.

If you’re willing to stop wanting and starting being/doing/moving.

My coach once said that if you want to feel abundant, well, free, then you’re not ready to be abundant, well or free.

You have to just feel abundant, well, free in order to get to that point in your life.

It’s quite simple actually.

And it’s so hard.

Especially if you’re like me and you always feel like time is running out.

You’re not where you want to be in your life.

Having a family before you’re 30?
Being a millionare before you’re 26?
Traveling to all 7 continents before you’re 23?
Having 2 degrees and being at the top of the game in your field before you’re 35?
Or escaping diet prison and voicing who you truly are before you’re 28?

What limits have you imposed on yourself and how are they keeping you awake at night?

My limits are clear and they were clear for a loooooong time, keeping me stuck in am mindset of luck, of stress, of hurry. I needed to be further along, to be better, to be like them.

I needed to be amongst the best of the best in order to count as something, anything. Because the way I was was simply not good enough. Ever.

Having goals is phenomenal. It’s a great way to move your life in a direction you desire.

However, if you allow your mind, your ego to tell you what your goals are, your body will not follow – as your heart is not in int.

You need to ask your body for guidance, listen to her wisdom and make decisions from that point of eternal power.

You may still want to have a family before you’re 30 – but it won’t matter if it’s not going to happen at that exact time as you’ll be certain that it will happen.

You may still want to be a millionaire before you’re 26 – but the timeline can shift without you freaking out as you’ll know the true value of why you want to be a millionare and why the journey to that point is really what matters.

You may still want to step foot on all continents before you’re 23 – but again, age won’t mean a thing and you’ll actually be taking in the beauty of the places you see without just ticking off a box.

You may still want all you’ve ever wanted – but some desires will shift.

Your body has different goals, different intentions. Your core seeks love and inclusion. Your core seeks peace and calm. Your core seeks the true meaning and doesn’t chase shiny objects.

Your body, your core, knows.

I remind myself of the wisdom of my body often – especially in the moments where I feel like time is running out and I am never ever going to get where I want to go.

In this moments, I check in and I remember that I already am where I’m supposed to be. There is no there, all there is, ever was and ever will be is here. This moment.

The future matters, of course. Looking forward is smart, but allowing this future to ruin your now is, well, the opposite.

You are not too old.
You are not too young.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.
Exactly where you’re supposed to be to do what needs to happen in your life.

Knowing that, it’s safe to take the first step toward freedom.
Knowing that you’re here, in this moment, at this point in your life, is no coincidence.

This is the moment that can shape the next phase, the next adventure – not because right now you’re not good enough, but because right now you’re ready to step up, go inward and release your magical self.

That self that is ready to stop focusing on calories 24/7.
That self that is ready to wake up, open her eyes and know that all is well.
That self that is ready to leave the “food crap” behind.

That fierce, powerful, vibrant goddess is ready to be unleashed –
because you’re here, right now, reading this.

Telling yourself that your time has passed or hasn’t come yet is a wonderful belief to keep –
if you intentionally want to keep yourself miserable and stuck in this moment.

Holding on to the illusion of time,
making time a contest,
making the timeline of other people in your life your own,
is always a sign of your resistence being in charge.

I’m not ready. I just don’t believe in myself. I’m not good enough and I never will be.

That’s what you’re saying to yourself.

I lost. I failed. I messed it up.

That’s what you think.

And those thoughts are fatally wrong.

They’re your biggest fears talking.
The biggest lies you’ve ever been told, then repeated to yourself.

Over and over and over again.

Until those lies became your truth and the truth manifested into the reality you see in this moment.

Today, allow yourself to see beyond your limiting beliefs, those excuses keeping you from being real.

Look beyond them and instead of holding on to them, allow them to ebb and flow – in and out of your mind. You’ll recognize them and at the moment of becoming aware of them, you’ll let them go with love.

Step into your dreams today, into this circle of love that you deserve to live in.

Burn new truths into your mind. Truths that are actually real. Love, inclusion, compassion, kindness. Live them. Daily.

And over time, your life will change because your heart will have grown a thousand fold.

Love is everything.

Self-love is the beginning.

You are not too old.
You are not too young.

You are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.
Exactly where you’re supposed to be to do what needs to happen in your life.

*Photo by Redbubble

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