I’m Not Supposed to Eat (This) Food Anyway (A Crappy Way to Live, Isn’t It?)

In this episode of Escape Diet Prison, Deb and I share our summer highlights, how vacation time has changed since we’ve made peace with food and how you get to model and create your own path!

We talk about what a crappy way it is to live if you feel guilty ALL THE TIME – no matter what you eat, why one of us works out on vacation and why women feel the need to talk about their bodies and their weight so very much.

I also share a very personal story of a breakthrough I recently had regarding my relationship to my mom, men, marriage and being in a weird competition that only I knew existed.

And so much more!

Check out Deb’s new blog “We are more than good enough” here.

Exciting news. Fall is here, which means it’s time for YOU to take your journey to body-love seriously and create a shift that will rock your life now.

INTRODUCING FALLing into Body-Love – 21 Days to really dive into the symbolic nature of fall: letting go of painful beliefs and body-shame while you sink into the luxurious comfort and relief of soft blankets and transition into a new way of being with food and your body.

Here’s what will happen when YOU join FALLing into Body-Love:

  • You’ll Begin to Embrace Your Body
  • You’ll Ease Into Being At Peace With Your Weight
  • You’ll Release Shame, Fear and Guilt
  • You’ll Tap Into Balance with Food
  • You’ll Have More Fun IN and WITH your body
  • You’ll Find a New Way of Being in Your Body

And here’s what we’ll be covering in FALLing into Body-Love:

  • Cycles of Weight and Allowing Yourself to Surrendering Change with Ease
  • Letting Go of the internal weight that is keeping you down
  • Transitions and Transformations
  • Finding Your Inner Light
  • New beginnings: Fall is the PERFECT time to step into a new way of living INTO body-love
  • Comfort and Balance
  • How to Have Fun IN Your Body in this special Season

Feels good?

It does, doesn’t it?

Oh, I canNOT wait to go through this transformation with you.

We’ll start on September 22nd, of course, the beginning of fall.

Want to FALL into Body Love? Ready to tune into these beautiful seasonal energies to create transformation and let go of the pain you’ve been holding?

Sign up here: >>> http://bit.ly/2gnGBai <<<

You save $200 when you sign up BEFORE September 10!

Oh and I have 3 spots available for those of you who are PUMPED and ready to start next week.

For $747 you get the FALLing into Body-Love AND 1:1 support.

That includes 1 call each week for the next 3 weeks leading up up to the program, the program, and then 2 more calls after the program to integrate the change.

Do you feel the transformation starting already?

I can feel it, I know, I am so ready to support you through it. Are you?

Send me an email at anne-sophie@annesophie.us if you want the 1:1 support.

Spots WILL fill up, so be quick.

Again, here’s the link to sign up for the program: >>> http://bit.ly/2gnGBai <<<


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