Your Savvy Little Guide to Crushing Fears of Change


You’ve made the big announcement.

You’re moving to a new continent, quitting your job or finally tying the knot after chickening out more often than not.

You get excited.

You feel on top of the world.

But then, suddenly, that tiny little bastard called fear creeps in.

Have I made the right decision? 

Was I just out of my mind? 

How in the world will I manage to achieve what I’ve so ruthlessly boasted about?

You start to unravel, retreat and think about giving up.

And then what?

That’s where the real work begins. You’ve shouted it out to the world and now is not the time to turn around. Naah, you’re better than that.

But it’s hard, I hear you.

I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed myself with all the planning, all the figuring out that I’ve had to do to move to New York. Talking to an immigration lawyer and to a member of my mastermind group also dimmed my initial thrill.

It’s going to be hard, super hard to get a job (hello economy!), a visa and an affordable room in a safe area in the next few months. I’ve been doubting myself a lot, have been eating more junk than before and this familiar stab in my stomach was making itself at home quite confidently.

It would be so much easier to sit back, stay here and continue doing what worked for me. I’d have time again to relax, play and comfortably scheme new ways of making this biz and my writing career work. All my anxiety would be gone in a nanosecond.

And really, when it comes down to it, there wouldn’t be any harm done, right?


I’d lose my dream, my pride, my credibility and my ability to look myself in the mirror every single day. I’d know that I have taken the easy way out, given up on myself and my new, thrilling and majorly fulfilling life.

And that just can’t happen.

So, I have a few ways on how you (and I) can stay on track even after the initial rush of excitement for a big, big change has faded.

1. Stay inspired

Create a list on Spotify with songs that remind you of your dream. Listen to Beyonce, Lady Gaga or whatever singer/band makes you shake your booty. Whenever you lose momentum, turn up the volume and dance, singe along and enjoy yourself.

Another super sweet way to stay inspired is to listen to my new podcast Your Life Your Success and eavesdrop on conversations with incredible women who make an impact on this world by simply being themselves.

The more you surround yourself with positive input the better and the more empowered you’ll feel.

2. Network

Dreams can’t be achieved all alone, so reach out to as many people as you can. Join Facebook groups, toastmasters, gyms or do philanthropy work. Set up Twitter alerts, call up friends and ask for advice.

There’s so many opportunities in today’s social media world that chances are tremendously high you’ll connect with someone who can help. Also, if you find the right kind of people, you’ll be able to swap ideas and get instant feedback: a sure-fire way to keep you on track.

In the last week alone, I’ve connected with dozens of incredible people who have helped me in more ways than I could’ve dreamt of. People are kind and they want to help, so don’t shy away from asking. But also be sure to give back.

3. Research

There’s this magic little army of researches we all have within arms reach: Google. Spend an hour or two every single day and research what you need to know: Look for rooms, apply for jobs, learn about venues, dresses, anything.

The more you know about your new situation, country or continent, the better and the more confident you’ll feel.

4. One Step at a Time

First, dream big. I mean, really, really big! And when you begin to feel utterly overwhelmed, divide your ambition into smaller action steps. By giving yourself doable goals and milestones, your dream suddenly seems only a few strategic baby steps away.

Within minutes, you’ll secretly laugh at yourself for ever doubting you’ll get to where you’re meant to go.

5. Understand Fear

Fear is nothing but you venturing out into the unknown. [Click to tweet]

By taking action and slowly creating the life you want, you transform this diffuse dream into a crystal clear one. With that, what’s still foreign today will soon become innate.

Fear also means getting out of your comfort zone and growing into the person you want to be. And that’s worth feeling a bit uneasy about, isn’t it?

Listen, if I can give up my comfortable life to pursue something bigger, then you can run that extra mile.

If I can push through my fear of taking care of my own, then you can walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams.

If I can trust that I’m good enough to work in the US, then you can change careers.

In the end, you just have to hustle, keep on going and believe in yourself. The more you do and the more you work the better your chances of success. In whatever it is you pursue.

That’s all there is to it.

The end.

Have I forgotten something? How do you deal with fear and make sure you stay on track? 

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