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Your Life Your Success

Are you where you want to be in life?

Or do you think that there could be more to living than you’re currently living?

Do know what it’s like to feel the pressure to perform, look great, be successful and do what others believe to be the right thing for you?

It sucks and it puts a dangerous limit to everything you can create in your life and the difference you can make in this world.

Here’s the good news though:

You don’t need to give away your power to society, the media or your relatives.

No, you can design your own life with the success you dream of and the fulfillment you deserve.

And the best way to do this is by living life together and building each other up.

So, let’s get together and create our authentic, thriving lives.

Your Life Your Success is all about empowering you to live life on your own terms, find fulfillment, peace of mind and love yourself more every single day.

It’s all about helping you find what it is you truly want and how you can make an impact on this world.

It’s about reaching your core and seeing you realize that you’re more than degrees, careers and money.

It’s about you finding and loving your beautiful, authentic self.

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Episode List

001 – Is this Podcast for You?

002 – Finding Freedom with Sarah von Bargen

003 – Get Paid for Being You with Laura Simms

004 – 7 Kick-Ass Steps to Get out of Your Own Way

005 – Living an Authentic Life with Jessica Rea

006 – Is Self-Love Selfish?

007 – Love Your Body with Amber Krzys

008 – Thriving in the New Year – A short Guide

009 – F**k The Diets with Jenny Jameson

010 – 10 Tips to Being Unforgettable

011 – Create a Movement that Changes the World with Erin Giles

012 – 7 Instant Self-Esteem Boosters

013 – From Doormat to an Independent Record Label Owner with Dayelle Deanne Schwartz

014 – From Severely Depressed to Starting a Movement of Hope with Amy Clover

015 – 10 Sentences We Need to Ban from Our Vocabulary Right NOW

016 – Why We Love Flawed People with Bianca Filoteo

017 – How to Pick Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down

018 – You Can Achieve Anything with Natalie MacNeil

019 – Does Life Balance Really Exist?

020 – Why It’s All Rita’s Fault

021 – 10 Small Mind Shifts to More Positivity, Fun and Self-Love

022 – Is Life Calling Your Attention? ~ with Nisha Moodley

023 – Can’t Forgive Yourself? Of course, You Can!

024 – Creating Gender Equality with Sports: A Conversation with Katie Rock

025 – 7 Must-Read Books this Summer (or Any Time of the Year)

026 – From Soccer Player to Business Owner with Kathryn Moos

027 – 10 Simple Ways to Romance Yourself

028 – Living a Location Independent Life with Natalie Sisson

029 – Do I Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

030 – Tap your Way to Body Bliss with Sandy Ross

031 – 7 Sexy Ways to Deal With Envy

032 – Own Your Awesome with Rita Chand

033 – 10 Ways to Stop Overeating Today

034 – Where I’ve Been and Where this Podcast is Going

035 – How One Dinner Party Can Change Your Life with Julie Parker

036 – Finding Self-Love Through Your Wardrobe With Lindsey Coco

037 – Choosing Sanity or Thinness? with Isabel Foxen Duke

038 – Begin Focusing On Your Life Instead of Obsessing Over Food with Jamie Mendell

039 – Make Your Life Super Awesome with Ashley Wilhite

040 – Feel Great While You Wait with Robin Hallett

041 – Heal yourself (and others) through music with Alexa Falk

042 – Reclaiming Your Life with Mara Glatzel

043 – Life on the Wire with Jenn Friedman