You Can’t Fight Your Biology

Here’s something you have to understand if you are truly committed to escaping diet prison:

You cannot and will not – ever – be able to fight biology.

You might be able to hurt your body for a while, maybe a few years, maybe even decades, but eventually, your biology will win – as it is supposed to be.

You cannot ever “overcome” your body’s natural essence – because you shouldn’t.

Your body has a natural weight, a point where it feels the best and it’s not up to you – not up to the food mafia, not up to any so called weight loss “experts” or dieting gurus – to decide what that natural weight is supposed to look like.

It’s your body that gets to decide.

Your biology.

You can kick and scream, fight and yearn, hate on yourself, hate on your body, curse life and everyone who tells you that your body knows better and has the right to be well, but you cannot and will not change the truth: your body knows best and will always try to guide you to be your best.

Your body craves balance.
Your body craves wellbeing.

It’s you, your dieting, that gets in the way.

Sure, you can underfeed your body, but the price is to ruthlessly obsess about food.
Sure, you can hyper focus on your weight, obsess about the number on the scale, but the price you pay is a world that revolves about nothing but yourself.
Sure, you can try to fight your biology with willpower (as if willpower even existed), but the price you’ll pay is sickness, lack of energy, lack of wellbeing and a deteriorated quality of life.

You cannot and will not “overcome” your biology.
And why would you want to?

When your body knows exactly what she needs.
When your body knows exactly what is best.
When your body always strives for feeling great.

Why would you want to mess with that?

To look great?
Up to whose standards?
Up to whose views?

The food mafia
that only exists in your head?

Or maybe on the internet and TV, but in real life, YOUR life, do you have a food mafia around?

Other than yourself?

Sure, you can endlessly fight food, pretending that it’s your enemy and trick yourself into believing dieting serves you well, that you feel great, that you’ll feel even better once you’ve lost those 2 pounds, but you know

you KNOW

that you’re just lying to yourself.

You KNOW that the real enemy, the thing that has started to mess with your sanity is not food but dieting itself.

It’s the diet that made you crazy.
It’s the diet that made you obsess.
It’s the diet that started to destroy your life.

Not food.
Not calories.
Not carbs or fat.

It’s the need to be thin at all costs because some guy, some girl, some person somewhere who’s never lived in your body told you that it would be best.

It doesn’t work that way.

Doctors know, weight loss experts know, dieticians know.

You know.

The dieting system is broken.
The pills are disastrous.
The surgeries are fatal.
The programs promising you to lose the weight and keep it off are lies.

Have you ever consulted your body?
Asked her what she wants?

Or has it all been in your head?
Mind over body?
Willpower over biology?
Hatred over love?

Is that what you call a life?
Is that what you want for yourself?


Then why do you keep restricting, knowing that it’ll always come back to haunt you?
Then why do you keep hating, knowing that you deserve so much more?
Then why do you keep listening to the messages of hostility painting a picture of thin being better when we all know that the opposite is the case?

I know you’re scared to lose control.
I know you’re scared to give up your hot body.
I know you’re scared to give up your life.

But is your body really that hot?
Isn’t the real value of beauty, of life happiness and joy?

Don’t we look better when we feel great inside?
Is a small body with a sad face better than a bigger body with a happy, loving smile?

Soooo many questions and the answer is always to go back home, to ask your body for forgiveness, to ask your body to take you back in.

And she will.
She’ll be happy to.

Allow yourself to make peace with food.
To realize that by feeding your body, by nourishing your soul, you’ll not only get your life back, but you’ll also finally trust your body again.

Allow yourself to stop listening to the food police
with all their lies, with all their made-up facts.

Allow yourself to start turning within again.

With an open heart and open eyers, listening to your body’s wisdom,
and then acting on it.

Eating what you want when you want to serve your biology, not to fight it.
To serve your soul, not to fight it.
To serve yourself, not to fight your entire life.

Your battle against your body, against your self is a competition that you will not win.
Your battle against your need to eat is a competition that you will not win.
Your battle against your body’s genes is a competition that is better not even begun.

Reclaim the power that you gave to everyone but yourself.
Reclaim it for your body, for your life.

Relax into what is and you’ll soon see how amazing it feels to live in connection with your body again.
How fantastic it feels to get back to balance, to live in harmony with your life-long companion.
How magical it can be to allow your body to lead the way.

Stop fighting your biology.
Start fighting for your sanity and life.


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