You are stardust


You can do this.

You have what it takes.

There is no challenge you will not master.

There is no mountain you will not climb.

There is no doubt that you will not rise up to.

There simply is no match to your power and infinite wisdom.

Despite it being hard at times, you have the infinite power of the universe within you.

Despite the road being winding, you will walk it – one step at a time.

Despite your heart being sad, you will move through it, heal it, with love, with compassion, with resilience.

Despite the media saying it’s not possible, deep down you know it is.

And you will rise, not like a phoenix from the ashes, but like the best version of yourself; the version that was always inside of you, waiting for her chance to show you what she’s made of.

You will rise.

Because you are.

Healing your broken relationship with food is not about hard work or struggle, it’s about surrendering, loving, healing.

Healing your abusive relationship with your body is not about losing more weight, exercising harder, running longer,

it’s about looking inward, being still, letting go.

This is not a race that you need to win or a war that you have to fight.

This is about moments of deep compassion, empathy and the wisdom to choose the long road over the instant hit.

This is about building that relationship with yourself that you have wanted for so long.

This is about you claiming yourself.

And you can do it.

You just can.

There is no stopping your journey to freedom.

There is no stopping this body from breaking the chains of conventional prison.

There is no return.

You are here, having made the first steps. You are on this journey and though you’ll never arrive, you will break free, you will find peace, you will gain the self-respect you deserve.

And though you’ll be your own biggest critic

And though you’ll be your own worst enemy

And though you’ll doubt and regret and fear and shame

You will make it through this.

You will heal your open wounds, those you choose to address.

You will heal your biggest fears, those you choose to take on.

You will come back home to yourself, if you allow yourself to

Fall apart

Break it down

To put it back together again.

And once you do, your life will resemble the visions you’ve been dreaming about.

The freedom to eat what you want when you want –

The freedom to wear what you want when you want –

The freedom to speak your truth –

And feel what you feel.

It will be yours because you’ll have made that choice.

You wiIl fail, of course you will.

And you will learn and get back up.

You will hurt, of course you will.

And you will dry those tears and get back up.

You will give in to old desires, of course you will.

And you will course-correct and come back home.

You will make it.

Your core will shine like never before.

Because you have the glow of a billion stars right inside your soul.

Because you, my love, are stardust.

So, you will rise and you will conquer those fears that cripple you now.

Not with one giant leap

But with a billion tiny steps that lead you to the lessons you need to learn

The fire you need to cultivate

The passion you need to unleash

The unquenchable thirst for life that lies within you

The unwavering sense that there is more to life than diets and body shame.

Today and for the rest of your life, remember this truth:

You are stardust, a part of the universe that was, is and will forever be.

You are no accident, no mistake, no glitch in the timeline of this planet.

You are you.

And you are eternal.

You can do this because you are truth.

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