Why Being Opinionated is the New Black and how You Can Share Your Standpoint without Being a Douchebag


How often do you say what you really think?

How often do you share your truth even if it’s not the most popular opinion in the room?

Not that often, right?

You’re in good company then as most people shy away from ever voicing their true standpoints.

They won’t say which party they voted for.

They won’t discuss their religious beliefs.

They won’t chip in with radical views on issues that move the world.

In short, they’re bland, dull and simply boring to be around.

Having opinions is what makes you you.

It’s what shows your peers what’s going on inside your beautiful mind.

It’s what makes you stand out from the crow.

So, why don’t people share their opinions more often and instead sit in their own graveyard of silence?

There are many reasons: The fear of alienating people. The fear of other’s opinions. The fear of not being able to handle a discussion.

The fear of being seen as pushy or obnoxious?

Or worse: the fear of others having a valid point that might challenge your point of view?

My take on it? Lame excuses and stuff that ordinary people are made of.

I wonder why you wouldn’t be uncomfortable saying something you truly believe in?

Why would you not want to share your truth?

Why not let the world take part in your convictions?

I’ve always been opinionated.

I talk about religion, politics, abortion, organ donation.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve been right all the time. Hell, no.

I’ve said some stupid stuff that I think completely differently about today.

I know that I’m saying things right now that I’ll think completely differently about in the years to come.

But sharing my opinions openly has led to the most amazing discussions, bonding experiences and mind-blowing new revelations of my life.

I have had the most eye-opening conversations talking about religion, politics and general world views with people of all kinds of different backgrounds: some of them agreed with me, some of them couldn’t have disagreed more with the way I see life, love and this world.

Never has there been a falling apart of a friendship. Never has there been a screaming match. Never have there been hurt feelings or unwanted repercussions.

Curious about how I did that? It’s not that hard, really, and so much fun.

How to share your opinion without being an ass about it

1. Don’t go into a discussion attempting to change someone’s mind.

There are those kinds of churches that encourage their members to go out and convert people, the more the better. I think that’s an awful and arrogant approach. It comes from the standpoint that you are right and the rest of the world is wrong. You are, in a way, the savior coming to set things straight, right?

That’s definitely not the way you want to approach a conversation with anyone.

Go into the conversation without an agenda at all. Just share your beliefs honestly and openly and let the other person make up their own mind.

2. Use words like: I feel that…. I believe that…

If you start your sentences with phrases like these, you’ll never hurt the feelings of your conversation partner. It’s impossible to attack someone if you approach a conversation like that.

3. Share your experience.

Nobody can argue with that. If you arrived at your conclusion because of something that happened to you, your points come from a place of understanding that is deep, sincere and often well-reflected.

4. Have an open mind.

Be open to the possibility that the other person has a good point too. Don’t just say and think they’re wrong because they come from a different background or approach a topic from a different angle. Be curious and open to other ways of seeing the world.

5. Don’t be scared.

Seriously, nothing is going to happen to you. Nobody is going to bite your head off or crush your world because you have a different stance on things. So, breathe and know that you’ll be fine.

Look, I’m not saying you should go ahead and start talking about controversial issues, just because. What I am saying, however, is that this world needs more people who stand up for what they believe in and who stop being so damn politically correct.

After all, every one of us has a unique point of view on issues that move our world.

Share them with us.

Share who you are.

If people can’t deal with it, they haven’t earned the right to hear your story and share in your truth.

That’s how simple it is.

Stop hiding behind your cowardly curtain of political correctness and start owning up to your truth. [Tweet This]

On to you. What are your thoughts? What’s something you’ve wanted to say for a while but have been holding back because you want to please EVERYONE?

This is the post for you to rant, challenge other people’s beliefs and your own.


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