What’s better than hating on your body?

What is better than losing 15 pounds and having the body you’ve dreamt of since you were 22 years old?


Sooooooo many things!
SO many.

Being at peace with your body now.
Feeling completely at ease around food.
Not relying on your scale for self-worth and approval.
Moving your body with joy and love.
Creating a life you can be super proud of.
Living IN your body and ENJOYING the heck out of her.
Going out for dinner and ordering what you actually desire.
Not lying to yourself about how you’re feeling.

Just to name a few.

We tend to believe that the biggest achievement of our lives will be to get the body we’ve always thought (or been told) we could have, SHOULD have.

But boy is that ever wrong.

There is SO much more to live, there is SO much more to YOU than your body.

What about your soul?
What about your heart?
What about your mind?

Your body is an immensely important part of you, of course.
AND she is just your body.

She is a part of you that deserves respect, love and care.
AND so do YOU.

From now on make it a point to catch yourself when you are in self-loathing, when you yearn to get rid of parts of YOU, when you wish you looked like HER and instead breathe into all the love that’s inside of you.

Instead actively search for what you can be grateful for.
Instead, choose respect for your body, the vehicle to making your dreams come true.

So, what is better than shaming your body and always telling her she’s WRONG, WRONG, OH SO FUCKING WRONG?


FALLing into Body-Love is happening in a couple of weeks.

Are you IN?

>>> annesophie.us/fallingintobodylove <<<

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