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You are not your thoughts – even though it often feels that way.

Whether you do anything or not, your thoughts will appear. The automatic process of the brain will produce a random string of thoughts that, over time, form beliefs and then create your life.

That is not you though.

That’s not your core.

It’s not your truth.

Knowing that is glorious because then you can begin to get to the real you; the you that isn’t bound to early childhood conditioning. The you that isn’t tied to beliefs that were formed by listening to the media or the beauty industry. The you that actually touches your soul, your heart and the parts of you that you’d never dared to reveal.

Meditating, tapping into your intuition, embodying your body, beginning to unbelieve are great ways to start the process of coming back home.

And that is what we’re talking about in this week’s episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast.

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