How to Treat Your Body with Kindness in Fall

998542_10104285130475991_389293370_nFall is here. Can I have a round of cheers? ☺

I love this season with the winds, the rain, the changing of the leaves and the cozy evenings in front of the fireplace. I soak in every moment of this special time and I can feel how my entire being relaxes after the long months of summer.

I know I might be the opposite of how most people feel. Most people love summer and dread fall because of the colder weather and the gloomier days. No matter how you feel about this season though, one thing is for sure; as the season changes, our bodies change.

It’s a natural process and you’ll likely notice it in many small details throughout your day. You might feel less energetic, crave different kinds of food, need more sleep and more anchors for a positive mood. You might notice that your body needs some extra TLC in this time of transition and it has special needs you need to address.

So, how can you treat your body and yourself with kindness in fall and not neglect it after a beautiful summer?

Here are a few ideas for you:

Be a kid again!

Remember the many times you played in the fallen leaves, noticing the sound of them crunching underfoot? Do that again. Jump into the colorful leaves, smell their typical smell and just play.

Eat foods that soothe your soul and warm your body.

Now that summer is over, your body’s nutritional needs have changed too. Listen to its needs and give it warmer, more hearty or filling food. Your body will likely crave more soups, more casseroles and altogether more nourishing foods. Eat seasonal foods like pumpkin, kiwi, dates, turnips, sweet potatoes, squash, cauliflower, pears, parsnips, brussel sprouts or apples.

Spend a lot of time outside!

Just because it may be colder, you don’t have to sit inside all the time. Go for a walk and let the wind blow all your sorrows away. Pick up horse chestnuts along the way and roast them at home to really soak in the feeling of fall.

Give yourself plenty of downtime.

With the shorter days and the lack of sunshine, your body will naturally crave more rest. Don’t fight it. Instead, decorate your home for fall, light some candles or incense and read a few novels in your favorite corner of your home.

Wear bright colors!

Who says that your clothes have to be all dark and gloomy in fall? Put on some bright colors, sparkling shirts or dresses. You’ll not only stand out from the crowd, but it’ll also boost your mood whenever the weather puts you down.

Wear fall colors if you love them.

Treat yourself to some new clothes with the colors of the season. Emerald, Acai, Mykonos blue, linden green or koi are super in right now and will surely be a highlight in your wardrobe.

Moisten your skin

Just as the leaves begin to loose their moisture, so do we. You’ll most likely notice that your skin is dry, so be sure to treat it to moisture body lotion at least once a day.

Pay attention to the changes in your body and the changes in your needs.

In the end, your body knows best what it needs and what it doesn’t need in this season. Listen to it and simply give it what it needs. The more attune you are with your body in this time of the year, the better, happier and more relaxed you’ll make it through the colder days.

What are your tips to treating your body and yourself with kindness in this season?

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