Escape Diet Prison is a podcast for women who want to stop battling food and are ready to embrace their energetic, fierce and sexy self in order to live the life they’ve always wanted to live.

In this podcast, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt will share applicable advice to get you back to a place of harmony with your body, weight and food. You can look forward to discussions about emotional eating, binge eating, health, toxic beliefs, destructive habits, body image, self-love, freedom from obsession, normal eating, life beyond diets and so much more.

This podcast is for you if you’re ready to challenge yourself, deconstruct old beliefs, open yourself to new realities and take action to blow open the walls you’ve built around yourself.

This is a great time for us women: it’s the time when we can finally claim our bodies as our own without shame, without blame, without guilt.

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When Others Tell You You’re Wrong About HAES

I share my experiences with people who are adamant that I am wrong, that you can’t be healthy if you are not thin, that you need to weigh yourself to know if you feel well, that you can’t ever eat what you want when you want because you’ll never stop eating. I also talk about my favorite ways to deal with these situations and how to not get crushed by what other people think about your new choices.

You’ve Changed

This episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast focuses on changes in life and the heartache of having to let go fo people while you’re moving up in life. We share our personal stories of how we struggled and ultimately made peace with the fact that sometimes you just have to leave some people, apps, Facebook stars behind in order to make peace with your body and live the life that you want to live.

We’re All Hurting

In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, we talk about the fact that our pain doesn’t correlate with our size. Whether we’re big or thin, tall or short, conventionally beautiful or not – we’re all hurting and it’s time we begin to stop putting labels on who “deserves” to hurt more.

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