The Life-Changing Benefits of Green Juicing with Farnoosh Brock

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I came across Green Juicing because of Farnoosh Brock of She made the whole process of Green Juicing sound so exciting that I simply couldn’t help but feel intrigued to tap into this whole new world. Since Farnoosh is an expert on this topic, I wanted to let her share her experience with you.

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How did you stumble upon Green Juicing?

Anne-Sophie, I got turned on to green juicing by watching a Jack Lalanne infomercial at 5am one early morning in the fall of 2007! Two funny things about that: I never ever watch TV and I certainly don’t make life-changing decisions based on what I watch…. so it’s ironic how that commercial led me to buy my very first juicer – an Omega juicer, not a Jack Lalanne one! – and that was how it all started.

It was really driven mainly by curiosity, deep intense curiosity to learn what it’s like to drink this most natural healthy drink that seems so unusual to all of us. I was starting to get back into great shape around 2007 too, after my Dad’s bouts with cancer and with the pressures of my declining and stressful career, and the idea of green juicing could not have come to me at a better place.

How often do you juice?

Great question and I will be honest with this one because I want everyone to know that even with my intense love and advocation of green juicing, and a book on the subject, I still go through phases too but the regularity of the habit is pretty strong. Actually, I happen to be drinking my morning green juice as I type this, Anne-Sophie!

So in the summer time, I find that my body craves the green juices or the fruit juices mixed with a bit of green, far more than winter. I try to juice at least once a week and then I store it in my tight-lid Italian jars for a day or day and a half. When I am on a kick, I juice about 2 to 3 times a week and of course when I am doing a juice-fast, it’s multiple times a day.

Juicing does take up time and energy and it is a commitment that we have to make consciously. Sometimes, life gets in the way with schedules, traveling, and other priorities, but you can always get back into it.

How has your life changed since you started juicing?

I think more than anything, awareness. I just have much fuller awareness of my body and its health meter, if you will. I can tell if it’s not happy and if I haven’t been taking the greatest care of it, and I can also tell if I’ve done a really good job. I have started and sometimes stopped a lot of different habits to improve my health and of all of them, the one that is going the strongest are green juicing and yoga.

As to the immediate results, I know that it expedited my weight-loss in a way that I was happy with, and that is the most natural way. It also helped my skin, my overall body feel and glow, and most of all, my digestive system.

Which one is your go-to juice, the one that always works?

I have a lot of favorites, and a lot of staples too. If I were to name a main one that always works, it’s probably this one recently:

– Kale

– Spinach

– Oranges

– A tiny bit of ginger

– Lemon

– Carrots

You really can’t go wrong mixing fruits and vegetables, if you know the basics, and also the fruits and vegetables that just don’t juice. I cover all of these in detail in my Comprehensive Guide to Green Juicing book on Amazon.

What is one thing you’d like to tell those who are just starting their juicing journey?

I would like for them to have an open mind and a patient heart.

Most of the time, the body is ready to make changes but the mind has a lot of clutter that needs to get out of the way. You do that by trusting yourself, by believing that you can make changes.

I just finished watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“, the Joe Cross film and it was phenomenal and extremely inspirational. If Phil at 400+ pounds (180+ kilograms) can make changes and drop 200 pounds on a juice fast, going from extremely unhealthy overnight to his juice fast, which I don’t recommend but it was remarkable to watch, then you can too.

The initial symptoms of your reactions to a juice fast are simply the unfamiliarity of your body telling you that it’s something new. That’s ok. Just keep going and do it slowly and in moderation but be persistent. I talk about this in a lot more detail in my book but suffice it to say that juicing can benefit you no matter what stage of life and it is positively worth a try!

If you feel compelled to start your Green Juicing journey and work on creating a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, don’t forget to check out Farnoosh’s Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide and join her brilliant Green Juicing Newsletter for a better Juicing experience.

Have you tried Green Juicing yet? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a favorite recipe? Or any concerns? Be sure to share your thoughts with us! 

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