That moment of paralysis


That moment when the truth surfaces but you push it back down

in a hurry
so that you don’t have to know.

That moment when it all comes together
but you’re terrified
that nothing will ever make sense again.

That moment of knowing
of deep pain
of inclusion
met by a fire of isolation.

You’ve been here before

Forever ago.

You’ve felt this before

Forever ago.

Here you are in this moment of paralysis

When all your emotions meet
and you cannot move
can’t shake
the feeling
that nothing will ever be the same.

You won’t binge.

You won’t flee.

You won’t hold on
to whatever it was that hurt you
didn’t serve you


Nothing in this world will ever be the same again.

Nothing in your world will ever look
or feel
the same again.

And underneath the surface
a whole universe of emotions
is gathering to break you free.

You won’t restrict.

You won’t run away.

You will meet your feelings
your fears
those sparks of intuition
with your love.

Cause underneath the pain
there’s everything you ever were
and everything you’ll ever be.

You knew this one was coming.

You knew you were close
to coming undone
to breaking lose
to letting go

of all the BS
all the ties
all the lies
that your dieting mind has been feeding you.

You knew this one was coming –
and here you are.

Here you freaking are

in this moment of paralysis
where all your truths collide
and you get to choose

which one to follow
which one to integrate
which one to be.

You won’t go hungry.

You won’t go beyond full.

You’ll connect with yourself exactly where you are
and you’ll hold on to the true you.

You’ll make yourself happy
make your dreams come true.

You’ll break wide open
and you’ll live the life that you were meant to live.

And it’s all here in this moment
where your inner world meets your ego
and decides that it’s time to step it up
to save yourself from a future of hurt and pain.

To protect you from the ever-growing feeling of unhappiness
and the desire to be thin at all cost.

To define yourself by how you look
instead of by who you are.

An angel of light.
A incarnation of power.
A glorious being that deserves nothing
but the best.

Do you accept the best?
Do you allow the best?

In this moment you do –
You decide to
go to where you want to go
because you have all you need to get to that place.

You don’t need someone else’s approval
nor their light.

You have it all within yourself.

Within your very own sanctuary
of love
healing forces.

You’ve go it.
You are it.
You’ll be it

forever –

if you choose
to claim it and step into the zone of discomfort.

Put your hand on your heart
and take the leap.

Take my hand
and we’ll leap together.

But you don’t need me
you can catch yourself when you fall.

You can take away your own pain.

One day at a time.

In this moment of paralysis
you get to decide
on the life you’ll look back on.

The life you’ll live
The experiences you’ll have
The choices you’ll make

You know what to do.

Deep down,
you know.

Stop deflecting the light
allow yourself to glow
what you’ve always known

and you’ll have taken the most important step
to living a life without diets
without fear
without the ever-present need to change yourself
into something you’re not.

You’re just not.

In this moment of paralysis
where universes collide
respect yourself
respect your body enough to

choose the answers that lie
inside of you.

*Photo Credit: Bloglovin’

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