“I think the way I feel helped by Anne-Sophie, is just seeing and hearing how courageous she is being…”

I find some people’s experiences make me feel cynical as they can make their process of recovery utterly remarkable and with no blips, which I don’t feel is realistic. Anne-Sophie is real, honest, so open and I find it refreshing. She is very relatable and it does help me to not feel so weird (lol) and alone. She exudes compassion and warmth, and she speaks very well, which makes her podcasts easy to listen to.

Jo Kay

“As a fellow entrepreneur, Anne-Sophie inspires the pants off me because she truly walks the talk.”

This is someone who has been there in every sense of the word and is courageously using her experience to connect with, help, and instill courage in others. It’s rare that I meet someone who operates with such integrity, and from such a profound place of service. You wanna talk changing the world? Anne-Sophie is doing it – one day, one extended hand, one person at a time. This is what revolution looks like.

Heather Thorkelson, Architect of Freedom | Idea Generator

“I never really thought I had a problem and thought it was absolutely normal to walk around with feelings of unworthiness, hate and sadness for my body. I couldn’t take living another day like this anymore…”

After listening to her podcasts for hours, I couldn’t wait to sign on to the body confidence makeover, my prayers had been answered.
I was very nervous about the masterclass because I had never done one before and didn’t know what to expect.

I loved every bit of the course, we went deep and it was intense. I began to realise the old beliefs that I’d been holding on to and made it my truth. Challenging these beliefs and finding a new love and tenderness for me and my body blew me away. I remember the first week, I mentioned in one of the group conversations that I could not find a single nice thing to say about my stomach. By the end of the masterclass I was complimenting and showing love to my body with an easiness I truly believed would never exist.

The biggest achievement for me is that since the course, I have stopped judging my body and feel so proud to have all my womanly bodily features. This has freed up so much energy, space and time for me to be present for myself and the people around me who I love.

I was so fortunate to be with a fantastic group of women who showed so much love, honestly and support throughout the course. The group coaching calls were incredible, Anne-Sophie held so much space and love whilst we shared our highs and lows of the week and coaching us through each point. I loved the powerful meditations Anne-Sophie took us through in each group coaching call.

I highly recommend this masterclass!!. Anne-Sophie is a very powerful coach who gets to the heart of what’s really going on. There is so much love, kindness, gentleness and honestly from her. I felt I was on this journey with her . If you want to heal, let Anne-Sophie take you there. BUT- you have to be willing to do THE WORK. I never really understood this until I myself went through this process. The work takes you so deep and you’ll be surprised what really comes up that’s been blocking you from living the life you deserve.

Thank you so much Anne-Sophie. I am eternally grateful to you.

Gursharn, France

“You have helped me find my way and in particular, taught me what no one else has ever been able to- that food does not have to rule me and I am beautiful exactly as I am; and THAT has set me free.”

Some would say it was pure chance that I came across Anne-Sophie when I did but I like to believe that it was the universe working its magic!

I have struggled with my weight all my life. As a child I thought I was “fat” even when I was skinny, and in my late teens and early twenties I turned to food no matter what emotion I was feeling. By the time I had had my first child I was 5 stone overweight and two more subsequent, and very close pregnancies ensured that the extra weight I was carrying stayed around. In my 30’s my marriage was in its demise and once again I relied on food to get me through the divorce and emotional turmoil that followed. After a short time I remarried, fell pregnant and whilst I managed to control my eating better 4th time around, I was still around 5 stone over weight and again in a marriage that was to say the least, difficult. As my second, and short lived, marriage dissolved life wasn’t easy in many ways.

That was nearly 5 years ago, and I have been on a voyage of self- discovery for the last three of those amazing years! It was during this time that I found Anne- Sophie.

Facing your demons, especially your body image demons, can be difficult and scary. Recognising and changing patterns of behaviour with food is extremely hard when they’re your own. It is so hard to really understand how and why we allow ourselves to become reliant on food intake in an unsupportive way; but Anne-Sophie helped me work the difficult stuff out! Her amazing ability to get you to really look at yourself from a loving and supportive perspective is beyond measure, and her extensive knowledge about eating, and the psychology surrounding it, means she has the expertise to give you exactly what tools you need to work past them! I will take with me and remember those tools for the rest of my life, and as I type this I am 70lbs down (wow right?) and more motivated than ever to carry on giving myself what I need to be healthy and happy once and for all!

Anne-Sophie; I will be forever grateful to you for showing me the way through the clouds and for giving me a horizon I am happy to look at for the rest of my days. You have helped me find my way and in particular, taught me what no one else has ever been able to- that food does not have to rule me and I am beautiful exactly as I am; and THAT has set me free. Thank you. X

Cate H.

“Even though I was hesitant to work with Anne-Sophie.”

I did allow my mind to open, which then allowed my heart to open, which then allowed me to look inside of myself and begin the process needed to unlock doors, find truths, discover that I deserve to be here and begin to like myself and learn how to take care of myself without relying on others.

Karen Knapp, Ohio, USA

“Mostly I’ve noticed that I’ve really been checking in with myself more.”

Being sure that I notice when I am being self critical and learning to direct more compassion toward myself.
It was a very healing process and I appreciated the opportunity. There is something very special about the connection between a group of women learning to love themselves, even if they only know one another online.


“Anne-Sophie has been an unshakable positive force in my life.”

She speaks from the heart and cares with all her soul. In this crazy world, we could do with more people like her.

Melissa Ng, NYC

“Anne-Sophie deeply touched my heart.”

And it’s flowed on to my life. This year has been largely about learning coping strategies. Anne-Sophie has showed me numerous ways to put into practice things I’m learning. Anne-Sophie’s writing and her courage is I believe of GREAT importance to many!! I am only one, and a very grateful one at that.

Penny Baker, Australia

“As a result of our work together, I found better understanding of what was happening inside of me and acceptance around the feelings that were coming up”

I hired Anne-Sophie because we had just moved across the country and I was seeking support with the transition. I liked that Anne-Sophie worked with self love since at that time, I was being very hard on myself for not feeling adjusted yet.
As a result of our work together, I found better understanding of what was happening inside of me and acceptance around the feelings that were coming up. She validated how I was feeling and gave me permission not to judge myself and that it was all happening the way it was supposed to. Very liberating.
Anne-Sophie was direct, but in a loving way. She told me what I needed to hear without making me feel bad about it.
I would highly recommend Anne-Sophie’s coaching. She is great!

Christa Mantey RD, LDN, Certified Holistic Health Coach

“I began my coaching relationship with Anne-Sophie during her 6 month small group session that she held last year.”

Prior to that I was fortunate enough to have some free coaching sessions in order for her to be able to practice a specific style of coaching. It was during these free sessions that I knew I needed to go that next step and meet with her regularly. I knew that I did not want to continue what I was experiencing every day. I was sick of thinking about food every moment of my life. I hated the internal battle that I had daily about whether I had eaten too much, eaten the wrong things, exercised enough, and why I was NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
The Body Love Writing Circles was the best thing I could ever have done for myself. That program revealed to me the things in my life that cause me pain, illuminated my hangups around my body and food and the way I thought I was supposed to look and gave me a way to find peace in my life. Anne Sophie’s program was the perfect thing for me to do at that time in my life.
I have continued my coaching sessions with Anne-Sophie after the Writing Circles were finished, as I had additional needs that I wanted to explore and resolve. She has an innate ability to reveal insights into my thought processes and personal beliefs and which allows me to examine those beliefs from a different perspective. This ability has been key to my recovery from restriction and disordered thinking, and indeed has given me the ability to begin loving my body as it is at its natural weight.
I can not begin to tell you what a difference that Anne-Sophie has made in my life. Her coaching has allowed me to live a life that is much more authentic and free. I am released from the chains of diets and scales and self-deprecation. I am on a journey to live the most positive life that I am able to and am always searching for the things that I truly want, not the things that I imagine others want from me.

Deb Oswald, Wisconsin

“Anne-Sophie is the real deal.”

She kicks you ass, is compassionate, is your biggest cheerleader and you’re greatest fan while still remaining firm and holding yourself to the highest standards.
Anne-Sophie gets you and knows what it is like to stop dieting and face the fears that come with a new lifestyle.
Anne-Sophie has helped me quit dieting for good. She mentored me on my way out of the binge and diet cycle, while I built a new life – a better life.
Thank you, Anne-Sophie.

Ilean, MA

“Anne-Sophie pours her heart out and fills you up with good cheer.”

A possibility mindset, and an eagerness to try new things that deepen your self-love + self-care practices.
Swinging from video to audio to text and back again, this is a multimedia programme with something for everyone on the journey to self-love.

Otiti Jasmine, Writer/Blogger

“You can tell Anne-Sophie has lived”

Anne-Sophie’s coaching is brim with wisdom, mindfulness and love.
You can tell that Anne-Sophie has lived – and this course is made for real people with real struggles. I have been inspired and uplifted – and you will too! In addition, I just have to say that I’ve been blessed with meeting Anne-Sophie in person twice and she is an absolutely adorable person too. I wholeheartedly recommend her work!

Marthe Hagen, Founder of TheFreedomExperiment.com

“Anne-Sophie has helped me accept my body for the first time in my life.”

Before I worked with Anne-Sophie, I believed that I would have to live my life on a constant diet. Everyone always told me that I’d have to fight my body and my appetite. I’ve always been bigger than others and I used to be ashamed of how I looked.
Today, I feel a lot better about my body and I do all the things I never dared to do before. As a result, I feel happier and so much more confident.

Gina Brooks, Roswell, GA

“Anne-Sophie is a role model and a source of hope to many people.”

Anne-Sophie is a powerful communicator. She has a way of engaging audiences and making them comfortable to talk about difficult subjects (i.e., eating disorder recovery, depression, etc.) through sharing her own journey. I’m blessed to call her a friend.

Arianna Merritt, Founder of Ariannasrandomthoughts.com

“Anne-Sophie helped me so much.”

Working with her made me become a new person because I started to LOVE myself and see myself in a way I have never done before. Through her book and programs, I learned what’s really important in life: it’s not being skinny but loving and accepting yourself.
It takes you on a trip of change.Anne-Sophie shows you step by step how you can change the way you look at yourself. I can only recommend working with her to all of you out there who also punish yourself for the way your body looks.
After working with her, I finally arrived at the point where I can proudly say that I am also worth something – no matter if I am big or thin!

Valerie Traeder, Germany

“Changing your body does not start with changing your diet. It starts HERE!”

I really wish I had known Anne-Sophie 3 years ago when I finally faced my dissatisfaction with my body and my poor self-love and started working out and eating differently to create the body I never thought I could have.
Even after testing and trialling so many different exercise regimes from P90X to CrossFit to running to swimming etc and dietary approaches and after reading what feels like hundreds of books on the subject matter, I have come to learn that I could be as skinny as I think I “should” be and STILL not feel happy in my body unless I addressed the core beliefs and stories I held locked in my head and heart about my body. This programme does that. And I hope that for you it comes at the beginning of the journey!
Because Anne-Sophie will blow your socks off with her compassion, experience, kindness, coaching expertise and tools that have genuinely helped HER transform her own life and that of so many of her clients.

Jana Schuberth, Results Coach and Host & Creator of Alive in Berlin

“I am so lucky to have found Anne-Sophie and am so grateful for all the work we have done together!”

I was afraid at first that it would be hard to work with someone i’ve never met — but that wasn’t the case at all. She is so sweet, and after our first session it felt like we had known eachother for years. She was always willing to go above and beyond to help me out — including working with my crazy schedule and fitting me in when I was available. She helped me grow in so many ways and gave me the tools to help myself, too.

Danielle, New York

“Her teachings are firm but she is so gentle. She tells you how it is and debunks the diet myths.  She helped me dig deeper and find my compass of what I really want.”

When I started on the anti-diet movement with Anne-Sophie I had disordered eating. I had struggled with disordered eating my whole life. I’d go from dieting and starving myself to binging. I had been on a diet for as long as I could remember. Even as young as third grade because my father didn’t like a bigger child and put me on several diets that failed. Then I found the secret sauce of not eating and I lost the weight. That followed me into my adult life where I’d binge, feel ashamed, and restrict. Then I found Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.

First I found her podcast and it was so refreshing to find someone that understood. Then I followed her on Facebook and she announced she was opening up a Facebook Tribe and I instantly signed up. I think I was the first one or close to it. I was eager to give up the disordered eating.  My stomach was a mess and I could hardly eat anything without my gut feeling like it was on fire.

While I was a part of the Tribe I learned to let go of my belief that food was the answer to all my problems. That if I just lost ten more pounds I’d be happy. She helped me to dig deeper inside myself and peel back the layers of hurt. She taught me how to talk to myself and build myself up because I was pretty broken inside. She helped me to forgive my father and stop being the victim. My father may have started the problem but it was me who could finish it by forgiving him.

Her teachings are firm but she is so gentle. She tells you how it is and debunks the diet myths.  She helped me dig deeper and find my compass of what I really want.

I don’t count calories anymore. I don’t let myself say this food is bad or good because it’s just food. I don’t crave bags of sugar. I haven’t stepped on a scale since before I started with her anti-diet movement. Best of all I found my passion of writing again because she helped me to put the perfection monster to rest. I feel so free now. She gave me the power to be me and live for me and not put what other’s may or may not think of me first.

Sue McConnell, Wisconsin

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