Stretching Your Limits or Just Do It!

So, this is what I did yesterday!

I had been scared for weeks, mostly worried Johann was going to see me die. lol Irrational fears…

But it was one of the most amazing, incredible, fun experiences of my life.

Total freedom, such bliss up there.

It was exciting and calming at the same time to look at the world from this angle and being in the air, just held by that balloon.

Sometimes you just have to test your limits….

Not that life is about testing your limits in this way all the time, but it’s absolutely about challenging your comfort zone, about going where you feel you can’t go: be that by jumping from a mountain, learning to love and respect your body, letting go of the need to be thin at all cost, finally overcoming overeating and taming that binge monster or taking a leap of faith and joining me in Saint Tropez for an experience of a lifetime, one that will change the way you are for ever, transform the way you do body love, relate to food and so so so much more.

If you are interested in this once-in-a-lifetime offer and want to find out more about what exactly those VIP days in Saint Tropez are all about, plus if you’re ready to have an adventure, shake up your life, send me a message on Facebook or an email at

There’s one thing for sure: you will not regret stretching your comfort zone.

Stop hiding behind excuses and finally start living your life.

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