Why do you still own a scale?


What if you didn’t weigh yourself?

How would you feel?
How would you live your life?
How would you determine your worthiness and the level of your happiness?
What would you DO in the morning after waking up?

We give scales soooo much power and influence over every aspect of our being. Depending on what the scale says, we can either have the best day of our life or feel miserable. We attach everything to the darn number that either says: “you’re worthy, you’re strong, go YOU” or “you’re the biggest failure on the face of this planet, go hide and be ashamed of yourself“…

It’s crazy and yet so many of us do it, every day, allowing this thing to hold us back in all areas.

We all know now that the number you see on the scale and your health do not correlate – so why are you still owning one?

What do you have to lose by not stepping on it anymore? What is holding you back from smashing your scale and taking back control of your mornings, days, emotions and your life?

That’s what we explore in this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast.

Our conclusion: When in doubt, don’t weigh yourself.

Listen to the episode to find out how.

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