Permission to Brag

Screenshot 2014-01-30 05.10.09I’ve had the best month of my life. Everything went great – from the job to my personal life. I was just on a high. And yes, I’m not afraid of bragging about how much I rocked.

But bragging about ourselves isn’t something we often do, right?

I mean, we feel self-conscious celebrating our successes and we’d rather focus on and talk about all the stuff we haven’t done right – it feels way easier.

Research shows that men are far more likely to brag than women. While men will sometimes exaggerate their accomplishments, the data shows that women feel anxiety and discomfort about bragging and tend to subscribe to a more traditional idea of modesty.

We have no problem bragging about our friend’s successes and victories, but the ones we celebrate? No way will we mention them.

I say we change that and how can we do that?

Find out in today’s edition of Brag About Yourself Friday! 

So, today, I challenge you to brag about yourself as often as you can. Write about it, talk to your friends about it, talk to yourself about it and share at least ONE brag in the comments here. I want to hear from you, seriously.

You are amazing. You are worthy of being seen, heard and bragged about.

Hugs and love,


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