People Pleasing and Wanting to be Thin

In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, Deb, Leila and I talk about the many ways we try to control people by changing our weight and how we can stop the “need” for people pleasing.

I’ve tried to make people like me more by losing weight for most of my life. I thought I could impress people with my weight loss (and that is really how the whole diet drama started for me) and I did – but instead of being liked more, I lost all of my friends and social contacts.

There are many more ways we try to please people with our weight and – surprise – it always backfires. Deb and Leila share their own stories of what losing weight did to their social connections and what happened when they let go of the need to be thin at all costs.

If people like us solely for our bodies, then there’s something majorly wrong in the relationship.

Remember that we are more than our bodies and if we hold on to our bodies as a status symbol, we will ultimately lose because bodies change every single day.

We also talk about joy suckers and joy givers, why your life and not your body should be your project and why making food a fight is not going to help anyone.

Instead of trying to hide your insecurities by pleasing people, it’s important to develop emotional intelligence and use your body as a signal to navigate how you deal with the pressures of life and staying true to yourself.

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