Our Cult-Like Diet Culture

I’ve been reading a lot about cults lately and I’m coming more and more to the understanding that our way of looking at weight = health is cult-like.

There’s a clear mission to keep the truth about the relation of weight and health from the “general public” and the medial field is willingly spreading long busted “facts” about this correlation.

The shaming and the attack of those that dare to have a different opinion is real.

This spreading of false “facts” is crime in the name of profit. It’s one that is killing people, making them undergo needless surgeries (by-pass surgeries kill in horrendous numbers!), putting themselves through immense pain: all in the name of health.

When in reality it’s been scientifically proven that losing weight is unhealthier for your body than having a steady weight, that yo-yo dieting puts immense stress on your system and that DIETING JUST OUTRIGHT DOES NOT WORK.

And yet, the medical field – despite KNOWING BETTER – continues to shame, to lie and to harass those that do not fit into the cookie cutter version of having a healthy (= skinny) body.

Are you ready to stop allowing others to shame you, to make your body wrong, to hurt you in the deepest ways and instead begin to connect with your body, to heal your relationship with food and to make peace with the person you are?

Let’s talk. Hop over to meetme.so/Anne-SophieReinhardt to schedule on initial call or send me a message on Facebook.

There’s more to life (and health) than your weight! It’s time to re-claim your spark!

Photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

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