It's not difficult – it's different


The other day I caught myself telling a client that – in her situation – letting go of diet prison would be difficult.

And I immediately corrected myself.

As you know, our language makes our life and the more we choose to see things as hard, the harder it’ll be.

So, yes, escaping diet prison is never easy, but it’s also never difficult.

It’s just different.

Different than anything we’ve ever been told.

Different than what we’ve been practicing for most of our lives.

Different than what 90% of all coaches, doctors, nutritionists, trainers and programs say.

Different than most books we’ve read.

Different than what we’ve believed since we started going down the road to diet hell.

It’s not difficult, even if it appears that way.

If we can open our minds to see that this way is really just a different way to finding peace, we’re making it easier on ourselves.

And easier it’s supposed to be.

If we tell ourselves that it’ll be difficult, guess what? We’ll struggle.

If we tell ourselves that not weighing ourselves will be a challenge, we’ll struggle.

If we tell ourselves that feeling our emotions will break us, it’ll be a struggle.

If we tell ourselves that gaining weight will destroy our lives, it’ll be a struggle.

If we tell ourselves that eating what we want when we want will turn us into ravenous monsters, it’ll be a struggle.

If instead we open up and walk this path with curiosity and a sense of adventure, we’ll create the environment in which we can unbelieve, surrender and heal.

So, get honest with yourself and become aware of the many times you’re telling yourself that your circumstances make it super hard for you to change.

How is that belief holding you back, keeping you locked, in fear?

How is that belief standing between where you are and where you truly want to go?

And how are you allowing your mind to sabotage your journey?

Is it worth it? Or is it time to change your perspective –

to stop seeing this as difficult and instead see it for what it is:

something you’ve never tried before, which is therefor uncomfortable, strange, stretches you beyond your comfort zone and challenges your deepest fears.

It’s really not difficult. It’s just really different.


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