Obsessing over food?

There's Hope!

I get it. Right now:


You don’t trust your appetite.


You feel horrible when you have to eat in public.


When you do eat, you either restrict or have a full-out binge (nothing in between).


You’ve got a (short) list of trigger foods that make you go into a spoon-mouth-spoon-mouth fog that lasts for hours (and sometimes days).


You feel lost, hopeless and just plain over it when you think about losing weight.

Honestly, all you really want is to enjoy a meal like a normal person, but you’re constantly plagued with questions like:
“What if I eat too much?”
“What if I start and can’t stop?”
“Is it even worth it?”

And yet….there’s this voice inside that whispers something like,
“You can have a better life. You can have a better relationship with food and your body.”

Wouldn’t life be so much sweeter – and more fun – if that was true? If you really could sit down to eat without over thinking about stuff like chewing your food slooooowly, or when to put your fork down?


Make peace with your plate, give up the extremes and yes…make eating fun again.


Make Eating Fun Again is a 12-day email course featuring expert secrets, tips and tools to help you slow down, tune into your body and its unique signals and create fun rituals that will make eating your new (old) favorite thing to do.

Sign up now and over the next 12 days you’ll receive short-n-sweet daily emails with instructions, challenges and tasks all designed to get you out of your eating funk and put some more fun back in your diet, quite literally.



Make Eating Fun Again will teach you how to feel calm no matter what’s on the plate in front of you. Not only will you actually taste (and enjoy) your food again, your whole nutritional system will get a makeover, meaning you’ll also burn more calories and amp up your overall well-being. It’s a win-win-win.



You’ll engage all of your senses and will slowly begin to really experience food again.



Counting calories, weighing fat grams and obsessing over nutrient content sucks all the fun out of eating. This program will teach you everything you need to know so you can (finally) stop feeling scared of fat, protein and more.



Forget feeling ashamed of your eating habits. Forget feeling stressed out about what and where to eat. You’ll learn how to (effectively) release your fears around food and step into a more playful way of eating.



Stuck in a rut when it comes to mealtime? Make Eating Fun Again will crank up your creative juices when it comes to eating, and dare you to try new, healthier and tastier food the entire family will love.



If you’re always bloated, constipated or simply feel icky after you eat, this program will kick your digestive track into gear. After just 12 short days, you WILL notice a huge difference in the way you feel post-meal.


Anne-Sophie has helped me accept my body for the first time in my life.

Before I worked with Anne-Sophie, I believed that I would have to live my life on a constant diet. Everyone always told me that I’d have to fight my body and my appetite. I’ve always been bigger than others and I used to be ashamed of how I looked. Today, I feel a lot better about my body and I do all the things I never dared to do before. As a result, I feel happier and so much more confident.

Gina Brooks, Roswell, GA


Make Eating Fun Again is a program for ALL eaters

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fast eater, a slow eater, a healthy eater, an overeater or a restrictive eater, this program will dramatically change the way you feel about food and mealtimes.


A Program Based On Facts

This isn’t a fluffy program. It’s based on scientific facts and the latest nutritional studies. So, if you’re keen on trying new strategies (and maybe even some new foods) and want to change your habits, thoughts and feelings around your meals, you will benefit from Make Eating Fun Again.

Hi, I’m Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, anti-diet coach, body confidence expert and recovered disordered eater, and not too long ago, I was literally terrified of food.

I counted calories like a madwoman, went on crazy diets and bought into all kinds of toxic beliefs around food. Today, after learning and implementing everything I teach in Make Eating Fun Again, my mealtimes are finally an enjoyable and pleasurable experience and something I look forward to – instead of dread – each and every day.

The truth is, you have to eat to survive, and it’s the one thing you know you have to do for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually enjoy it?


Why put off making peace with your plate?
Why suffer and agonize over every bite?

It’s time to make eating fun again! Grab the program now.






For more info contact Anne-Sophie

1. Are you going to send me recipes? I’m sensitive to x, y or z.

This program is not about you receiving recipes from me. I don’t believe in telling you what to eat and when to it. This program is about YOU learning to trust yourself and your body again and taking your power back.

2. Do I need anything special to participate?

Nope! Just some time and the commitment to actually do the exercises. (Because if you don’t do them, nothing will change.)

3. What kind of activities can I expect?

You can expect lots of fun and play! This is all about doing NEW things and having FUN again. We’ll be getting creative with letter writing, eating, unconventional body-love practices and more. (And while we’ll be creating some new things, we’re also going to get rid of a few – like your own old rules and labels!).

4. What happens after I purchase? When can I expect my first lesson?

After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Your official program the following day. Then, every 24 hours, you’ll receive your next lesson with the details and the focus for the day. You don’t have to do anything else but wait for the lessons to hit your inbox.

5. What if I have a question? Are you available for support?

Yes! I am always available for support. All you have to do is reply to the daily lessons and rest assured I got your email. You can expect an answer from me within 24 hours – and often way less. I’m here for you!

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any questions, please write us at email address or call us on phone number

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