Love Yourself Friday Edition #37 – Are You Waiting for the "Click"?

Many self-love newbies sit and wait for something to happen.

They yearn to have that “click”, that moment when everything falls into place, a moment when the skies open and the angels sing a lovely self-love tune.

Well, as much as I’d love to tell you that this moment arrives mere hours after you’ve begun to tap into loving yourself, it’s certainly not the case.

Self-love is a rather delicate thing and can’t be birthed out of self-hatred and a complete lack of self-esteem.

Self-love, therefor, takes a bit of work and a lot of commitment; commitment to go the uncomfortable, rocky road instead of staying on the smooth sail of numbness and misery.

Self-love is built one self-care step at a time and if you stay on course, you’ll experience many clicks, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, but always pleasant  fresh waves of love and understanding. Over time, these clicks will accumulate and before you know it, the big “Click”, the angels-singing-harps-playing-skies-opening revelation will have happened and you didn’t even realize it.

That’s because you’ve come so far, have worked so hard, forgiven yourself, forgiven others, accepting your body and made peace with your mind, that loving yourself is just the next logical, natural and instinctive step for you to take.

And so, one day, you’ll find yourself loving yourself; naturally, easily and as if it’s always been meant to be that way.

So, commit to making these changes and the “Click” you are waiting for will be better and more healing than you could’ve ever imagined.

Check out Love Yourself Friday Edition #37 – Are You Waiting for the “Click”? on YouTube!

On to you: are you waiting for the “Click” to happen? Are you tired of doing, but nothing’s happening? Or has the “Click” already happened in your life and you just want to share how much you accept yourself? I’d love to hear your voice in the comments section below.

With love,


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