Love Yourself Friday Edition # 34 – 3 Fierce Self-Esteem Boosters

Having little to no self-esteem leads to all kinds of problems in your life.

It can have some very severe effects like developing an eating disorder, falling into a deep depression or staying in abusive relationships.

But it can also just mess with your mood, keep you from living up to your true potential or being as happy and fulfilled as you deserve to be.

I believe that building self-esteem is a daily practice; a practice that is just as much about doing as it is about listening. When you listen to yourself and what it is you really need, you create that connection with yourself that might be missing right now. When you listen to yourself, you get to be compassionate toward yourself and you get the chance to truly take care of yourself. When you listen to yourself, you will eventually find yourself.

Listening, really, opens the door to creating that unwavering sense of self-worth and self-love that is key to having self-esteem.

However, if you’re up for a few fierce and quick self-esteem boosters, then check out the video and see how you’ll smile broader, walk taller and maybe even flirt a bit more.

What’s you self-esteem booster tip? How do you make sure that you feel worthy and loved? Do you think that any of the tips I’ve shared with you is helpful? Have you tried them already? Share your thoughts with us! I’d love to hear your perspective.

Check out Love Yourself Friday Edition # 34 – 3 Fierce Self-Esteem Boosters on YouTube!

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