Love Yourself Friday Edition #20 – Throw Away Those Feelings of Failure

Do you self-sabotage yourself by cluttering your closet with clothes that stopped fitting 5 years ago?

Do you intentionally make yourself feel like a failure by giving clothes the power to judge you, belittle you and obliterate your self-esteem?

I think we all do tend to hold on to clothes longer than we should. They’re beautiful, they are filled with memories and they’ll surely fit again once you’ve lost those 10 pounds or toned those thighs.

Yet, every time you open your closet or try to squeeze yourself into those skinny jeans, you end up ruining your entire day, week or month.

It’s time you stop that destructive behavior.

This weekend, give yourself an hour or two and go through your clothes: sort out everything that doesn’t fit anymore and make room for yourself to breathe, be and love yourself.

Try not to judge yourself for not fitting into this sweater or that skirt anymore and instead focus on living, being and loving.

Tell yourself that you are the master of your clothes and not the other way around.

Tell yourself that it’s OK (because it is), that you’re beautiful (because you are) and that you can always buy new clothes – clothes that actually fit and highlight your beautiful curves.

Check out Love Yourself Friday Edition #20 – Throw Away Those Feelings of Failure  on YouTube.

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