Let Your Body Take Care Of You


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We believe that we’re the ones who take care of our body. Sometimes we take good care of it and other times, well, we kinda don’t give a crap about it. There are times when we wish our body away and times when we are truly grateful for its existence. No matter which phase we’re in though, we always believe that we’re the ones who are in charge.

But if we really get honest, who’s the one taking care of who here?

Who’s always there, ready to embrace us no matter how harsh we were?

Who’s always there, gently listening to and forgiving our often abusive thoughts?

Who’s always there, wiping away our tears of regret?

When you’re sick, who feels the pain?

When you experience emotions, who catches them?

When you’re eating, who notices the pleasure?

When you’re working out, who produces the sweat?

It’s your body. It’s your temple.

It’s never been you.


This realization might hurt your ego. How in the world could it not be me? It’s always me, always been me, always will be me.

But it’s not.

And if you allow yourself to dive into the concept of handing over the care to your body, there’s a kind of comfort in that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to be the one having to make decisions about food? Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to be the one controlling which size you wear? Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to be the force that makes your body work out or look a certain way?

If you ask me, it totally would.

Thank god for Mother Nature because that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Your body is supposed to be the one taking care of you. Your body is infinitely smart and wise. It knows what it needs and it has the beautiful ability of telling you. {Click to Tweet}

You’re just too stubborn and too brainwashed to listen, my love.

I know that you know when your body has had enough food. I know that you know when your deep emotions are not being expressed. I know that you know when you’re using food as a substitute to love and pleasure. I know that you know when you’re tired and you don’t want to step on that elliptical for the 10th time this week. I know that you know when you’re restricting, abusing, denying.

Why do you know? Because your body is sending you signals. You hear them, but you believe that you’re smarter, stronger, better than your body and you need to override those signals.

But that’s not the case. If it were the case, our gut and heart wouldn’t have brains that constantly communicate with our mind. If it were the case, you’d be a walking head – no body needed.

There’s this word I love: surrender.

If you can get behind the concept of letting your body take care of you, not with your mind, but with your body and just surrender, you’ll be able to live in tune with your vessel.

Your body will guide you. Your body will heal you. Your body will tell you everything you need to know about nutrition, movement, love. Your body already knows and it’ll support your mind, your brain, you. Your body is your force – you’re just not using it. You’re denying it it’s natural right. You’re denying yourself the life you can have.

So, love, just surrender. Put the boxing gloves down, put your head on a mental pillow and let your body do what it does best: take care of you. {Click to Tweet}

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