I don’t need your approval.
I don’t need your permission.
I don’t need your smile, your love, your anything.

I don’t care if you judge me.
Look down on me.
Talk about me
behind my back.

I am my own person now.
I make my own decisions.
Follow my inner knowing to the very end.

I don’t care what you think

If you dislike me,
so what.

It’s not my fault that my vibe, my soul, my energy makes you feel insecure in your own little safe world.

It’s not my fault that my choice to be who I am on my deepest levels and pursuing my purpose in this life shows you your own lack of doing the same.

It’s not my fault that I chose to shine
and you chose to stay stuck.

Your opinion
Your disapproval
Your disgusted look –
They don’t face me.

Because I am my own person now.
I don’t need your love.

No longer the little girl who was scared of your look.
No longer the insecure teen who was hurt by your scathing comments.
No longer the shy young woman who was faced by your backstabbing.

Your negativity
Your gossip
Your choices in life

They’re not my choices anymore and they’ll never be again.

I am free of you.

So, talk all you want.
Try to hurt me all you want.

I am still soaring and I won’t stop.

This is real life.
People change and grow.

Just because you stopped,
just because you chose to stay in misery doesn’t mean that others will follow suit.

In fact, I won’t be the last to free myself from your

I don’t need your approval.
I don’t need your permission.
I don’t need your love.

So, yeah come into my house,
judge me for what I do.
Do your usual thing.

I’ll still be standing afterwards.
More resolute in my decision to live MY LIFE.

I’ll be living on could 9, where everything is so freaking totally fine.
I’ll be creating my very own heaven, facing my fears and dancing closely with them.
I’ll be here – creating my legacy.

Go, be unhappy.
Go, hurt others.
Go, gossip and backstab.

I’ll be over here dancing in the rain.
Laughing until I cry.
Writing my own future.

So what if I work all the time.
I love what I do.

So what if I don’t sleep as much as others do.
I love getting up to get to know my innermost thoughts.

So what if I don’t enjoy talking about weight loss.
I love living an actual life.

Guess what, you can disapprove all you want.
Guess what, you can try to put me down.

But you never will.

Guess what, you can pretend to mock me.
Guess what, you can be disappointed by my choice not to engage in negativity and add to the misery of this world.
Guess what, you can spit on my dreams and talk the down.

But I’ll rise.

I’ll take action while you talk.
I’ll walk while you spread stories about people not in the room.
I’ll create happiness while you tear others down.

And if my silence bothers you
If my absence is a mirror to your words
If my decision to stay away hurts your core

it’s not my problem.

No need to judge more.
No need to talk more.
No need for the look and the tone.

It’s not my problem that my decision to guard my energy goes contrary to what you do.
It’s not my problem that my desire to be happy goes contrary to yours.
It’s not my problem that my yearning for meaning goes contrary to your beliefs.

There’s room for both of us.

I’ll never willingly sink to your level again.
I’ll never willingly put myself down to make you feel grand.
I’ll never willingly participate in anything that goes against my soul.

I’ve grown and I’m proud.

I used to tolerate.
I used to listen.
I even used to participate.

But no more.

I’ve grown and I’m happy.

This is my choice.
For my life, my happiness, my joy and eternal bliss.

I’ve grown and I’m freaking excited
about what’s ahead.

No more need to have you approve of me.
No more need to wait for you.
No more need to stay small for your sake.

It’s about time.

I don’t need your approval
Nor your love.

I am my own woman now and it feels


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