Bob Harper, the host of the super awful TV show The Biggest Loser, had a heart attack and everyone is acting as if it was just a case of poor genetics – when it could’ve just as well been his way of treating his body.

This hypocrisy – and the fact that it would’ve been a completely different conversation had Bob been heavier – is what we tackle in this Episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast.

We talk about Health at Every Size, why the way you look is not who you are, how the media would’ve responded if Tess Holiday had a heart attack and why we always make it about the weight.

My favorite Line of the Episode: Losing weight is a flawed premise.

Obviously, fake science is everywhere these days and the notion that being thin means being healthier and being heavy means being lazy and unhealthy is soooo devilishly flawed that only the beauty and weight loss industry benefits from it. Studies prove what those who pay for it want it to prove, so be super careful what you believe.

Here’s the thing: Dieting comes from deep pain. It’s understandable that you’d like to cover up the pain with weight loss, but 10 less pounds will never lead you to happiness or wellbeing. Of course, you can quantify weight loss, it’s safe, you can’t quantify wellbeing, which then feels uncertain. But wellbeing is where it’s at. Trust me, I’ve tried both ways and the one that worked was focusing on how I want to feel.

So, how do you want to feel?

Do you want to overexercise, restrict, be in complete unbalance or live a good life being free from food?

Don’t let the media scare you with false science and instead take your power back by focusing on what you truly want and desire for yourself.

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