Even Oprah Does It, So Why Don't You?

Screenshot 2014-01-10 09.53.45Science proofs it: practicing gratitude makes you happier and more aware of all the blessings you have in your everyday life.

It transforms your life from being “kinda OK” to being abundant and fulfilled. Oprah talks a lot about her love for gratitude practices and I hardly miss a day of writing down things that I love about my life.

Yet as it is with most self-improvement practices, we forget, we skip and we often give up.

That’s why it’s so so so important to make your practices fun and tangible.

And that is what we’re talking about in today’s edition of Love Yourself Friday. Enjoy!

So, will you commit to counting your blessings and being openly grateful about yourself in this New Year? If so, tell us and show us the gratitude jar you’ve created. I’d love to see your creativity and get some ideas for myself.

Big hugs, Anne-Sophie 

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