Free Escape Diet Prison Mini Course



You’ve told me that you don’t want to do it alone

You’ve told me that you don’t have enough money

You’ve told me that you don’t have a lot of time

You’ve told me that you need to heal

You’ve told me that you’re fed up

You’ve told me that it’s time to change

And I have worked on the solution for months.

Today, I am super happy to introduce the ESCAPE DIET PRISON TRIBE: a community membership on steroids for those of you who are SO ready to stop battling food and your body.

The ESCAPE DIET PRISON TRIBE is a place where body positive women hang out to support each other, learn from each other and finally stop placing their self-worth on what they eat and how much they weigh.

And here’s what you get if you join:

Monthly themes that we focus on, tap on (EFT tapping) and create mindset practices around (deep ones, we don’t stay on the surface here!)
My personal self-care strategies and exactly what I do to stay confident and in love with my body without falling back into the dieting trap
Sunday healing sessions to help you start your week the right way instead of trying out a new diet: think ‘tomorrow I’ll diet again and make my life super awesome’ – only without the crappy ‘diet’ part
Weekly Q&As where you can speak to me directly and get your questions answered
Monthly giveaways and special discounts for members only (I have SOOOO many cool things in store for you!)
Weekly homework assignments and inspiration for your body-love and food freedom journey

This is just SOME of what you’ll experience in this community, with more and more content to come.

And did I mention you can get started for only $17?