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Escape Diet Prison – The Podcast

Escape Diet Prison is a podcast for women who want to stop battling food and are ready to embrace their energetic, fierce and sexy self in order to live the life they’ve always wanted to live.

In this podcast, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt will share applicable advice to get you back to a place of harmony with your body, weight and food. You can look forward to discussions about emotional eating, binge eating, health, toxic beliefs, destructive habits, body image, self-love, freedom from obsession, normal eating, life beyond diets and so much more.

This podcast is for you if you’re ready to challenge yourself, deconstruct old beliefs, open yourself to new realities and take action to blow open the walls you’ve built around yourself.

This is a great time for us women: it’s the time when we can finally claim our bodies as our own without shame, without blame, without guilt.

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001 – Escape Diet Prison – The Podcast

002 – How to Stop Dieting

003 – Why “Less Food + More Exercise = Less Weight” Is Crap

004 – Open up and create space for YOU!

005 – Starving to Binging – the Spaces Between

006 – The Case For Slowing Down and Reclaiming Time To Heal

007 – How To Deal With Weight Gain on a No Diet Diet

008 – 5 Years of Recovery from Anorexia

009 – The Best Way to Deal with Fat Days

010 – Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

011 – 8 Habits that Keep You Stuck with a Negative Body Image

012 – How Facebook Impacts Your Self-Image

013 – How to Heal Your Diet-Obsessed Mind Like the Superstar You Are

014 – Your Worth Isn’t Tied to Your Body with Annette Sloan

015 – The truth about life as an “overweight” person

016 – Is your negative body image ruining your career?

017 – Body Image And Sex with Diana M. Joice

018 – Why dieting is nothing but a major distraction from your life

019 – Shame, Fear & Complete Vulnerability

020 – Motherhood and Body Image