Coming Home – How to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

completeI’m lost.

Don’t know where to turn. Don’t know what to do. Don’t know who I am.

I’m lost.

Feeling scared. Faithless. Broken. Torn.

I’m lost.

Why me? How me? To be?

I’m lost.

Well, to be honest. I am not. Not right now. But I used to be lost.

Terribly so.

I had no direction, no plan, no purpose. Only fear. Anxiety. Heartache.

Over the years, this mindset led me to many terrible decisions and always made me turn into a dead end.

Today, I’ve found myself – flaws and all – and I’m happy with the direction that I’ve chosen.

I’ve turned inward, seeking my truth and I’ve found it. I’ve asked questions, seeking my values and, yes, I’ve found them. I’ve made mistakes, exploring my skills, and I’ve found my successes.

I’ve let go, slowly, gently of the “supposed to’s” and “have to”, instead turning to the “can’s” and “want to’s” and I’ve found happiness.

If you feel like you don’t know who you are, what to do next, which career to choose or place to live, I’m certain you’ll find today’s edition of Love Yourself Friday super useful and inspiring.

Have you ever lost yourself? If so, how did you find your way back home to yourself? Share your experiences with us.

I’m sending you much love,


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