Comfort. Ease. Solace.

When we shame our bodies into a certain size, what we really seek is comfort.
When we stuff our face with chocolate chip ice-cream what we really want is to stuff ourselves with love.
When we go to bed hungry and starving, what we actually want is the lightness of not needing to hate ourselves so much.

All we really want is solace.

What you really want is to lay your head on your pillow and be at peace,
in power,
super comfortable with yourself.

What you really want is to sink into your body,
be at home in your body,
breathe a full sigh of relief and know –
just know –
that all is well –

no matter your exact weight,
your exact weight.

Isn’t that true?
Isn’t that what you’re longing for?
Isn’t that why you’re crying yourself to sleep every night?

Isn’t that why you binge?
Why you restrict?
Why you cannot stop eating?

Well, of course, there’s more.
But the lack comfort, luxurious, lush comfort is at the root of you not being “there” just yet.

And I am not talking about outer comfort,
not solely.

Having a space you can let yourself fall into,
having a romantic partner that meets your needs,
having conversations that lighten up your soul,
that’s all super important.

But that inner comfort,
that comfort that nobody can feel BUT you,
that nobody can create BUT you,
that’s what I’m talking about.

That certainty that you’ve got everything you need.
That knowing that you’re in balance.
That deep trust that you. are. fine.


Maybe that’s not what you’re daydreaming about –
as that space is filled with fantasies of having a super thin body,
but if you were totally honest with yourself,
it is what your being desires.

Comfort. Ease. Solace.

And guess what, you have what it takes.
You can immerse yourself in complete comfort,
in ease.
You have the power to be your own solace.

You may need to change a few things,
ask different questions,
be willing to let go of dearly held belief systems.

You may need to look into a different direction,
leave some people behind.

Most of all,
you may need to allow yourself to breeeathe out all of the crap you think you need to hold onto.

Comfort. Ease. Solace.

It’s what you want.
It’s what you’ll have.

If you’re willing to allow it.

In FALLing into Body-Love, we’ll dive into the weight and body-acceptance cycles that we naturally go through and we’ll create deep healing around your fears over never being able to truly be at peace.

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