What Would Change if You Didn’t Have to Fight Your Body?

stopfightingWhen was the first time you were ever told to fight your body?

As a toddler? In kindergarten? Pre-School? Or long before?

I bet you’ve had to eat up your plate even if you weren’t hungry.

I bet you’ve heard messages about having to track your calories.

Maybe you’ve had to go to a weight loss bootcamp or were taught to measure grams of protein, the points of 100g of potatoes or half a slice of bread.

In today’s world, everywhere you look, you are taught that you can’t trust your body‘s natural satisfaction signals and that instead you have to rely on your mind to make sure you look just about “right”.

All of this messes with your wellbeing, causes unbelievable heartaches and a messed up relationship with your body and yourself.

But there’s a different way. There’s a life without having to fight your body, be at war with it and distrust it.

Can you imagine such a life?

How would it feel if you didn’t have to fight your body?

How would your relationship with yourself be if you didn’t believe that your body is here to hurt you?

How would you behave if you didn’t believe your body wants to deceive you and be at war with you? {Click to Tweet}

What would change in your world? What would change in your diet? What would change in your exercise routines?

Let’s talk about it in today’s edition of Love Yourself Friday.

This weekend, take some time to journal or meditate on this question.

The truth is that by listening to our bodies, we are not “giving up”. We aren’t resigning to eating only junk and never getting our butts off the sofa. No, not at all.

By listening to our bodies, we free ourselves from the expectations of others and from the tyranny of the weight loss industry. We begin to tune in to what our bodies need, truly, wholly.

Simple as that.

But it all begins with the simple step of stopping to fight our body and instead beginning to trust it again.

Big hugs,


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