Cameron Diaz and a Jumpsuit

When I saw this picture of Cameron Diaz over at Tom & Lorenzo’s Blog, I remembered a jumpsuit that I had been wanting for several years.

Cameron Diaz; Akris Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

We used to go to Saint Tropez every May for many years and every year, my father and I would see this (almost) exact jumpsuit in a window of one of those lovely French boutiques. But I was still too young to pull something like this off back then, so despite begging over and over again, my father persisted that I had to wait. Well, when the time came and I was old enough, the shop was CLOSED. Out of business. I was so disappointed because I know this would have looked lovely and I had been waiting patiently for years.

But, you can’t always get what you want, right? It just was not supposed to be.



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