Bow Out & Why Are You Still abandoning Yourself?

In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, I talk about how to bow out of diet prison gracefully and leave the stage of your life that was completely consumed by your need to be thin and struggling with bingeing, overeating, restricting and overexercising. I also talk about abandoning yourself and the impact that always standing by yourself has on your life.


Are you sick and tired of doing it alone?

But you feel like you don’t have have enough money for coaching,
for support,
for help?

Do you feel like you don’t have a lot of time?

But you really, really want to heal?

Are you fed up?

And know that it’s time for some serious change?

Then the Escape Diet Prison Tribe is exactly right for YOU!

The ESCAPE DIET PRISON TRIBE is a community membership on steroids for those of you who are SO ready to stop battling food and your body.

The ESCAPE DIET PRISON TRIBE is a place where body positive women hang out to support each other, learn from each other and finally stop placing their self-worth on what they eat and how much they weigh.

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