Respect Your Body Enough To Stop Dieting

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If you don’t respect your body, you don’t respect yourself.

If you don’t respect yourself, you don’t respect your life.

If you don’t respect your life, what do you respect?

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that every act of dieting is an act of disrespecting your body. Whenever you begin to restrict – whether that is through a new weight loss diet, counting calories, adding points or protein grams – you begin to take away your body’s innate ability to take care of you.

And what is more disrespectful than that?

I know, I know.

We’ve been taught to not listen to our bodies because they’re supposedly stupid things that we can’t rely on for a second.

Well, the truth is that if you can rely on one thing it is your very finely tuned body that works endlessly for you and your wellbeing – every second of every day.

And how do we express our gratitude? We diet…

And that has got to change.

In this episode of Escape Diet Prison, I share about the many ways in which you can respect your body AND yourself.

You’ll see that by changing your perspective, coming to a place of deep peace, you’ll not only heal your broken relationship with food, but you’ll also begin to heal other areas of your life.

It’s time to start respecting ourselves and our bodies again. It’s time to up the respect levels of this world and as always: it starts with YOU.

Enjoy this episode!

Love and light,

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