The Balance between Healing and Real Life – Does it Exist?


How do you find the balance between going deep into your healing process and at the same time still being a functional adult?

Is there even the chance of finding balance or do you have to dive in deep, neglecting “real” life while breaking free?

Obviously, the journey is different for everyone. Some have the luxury of being able to go in all the way, others have so much on their plate that they just cannot take a break from “living”.

And that is not necessary.

The beauty of healing is that we can do it at our own pace and every action, as tiny as it may be, is better than no action.

You don’t have to commit to 30 minutes of meditation or a therapy session a day in order to make headway towards peace and freedom. You can begin exactly where you’re at, with the time you have (and make) and still create massive shifts in your experience, body image and relationship to food.

A conscious breath once a day can create a deeper connection to your body, to your life. A single moment of asking yourself what you need can create that self-love that you’ve been pushing away for far too long. A deliberate detachment from your current thought will lead you to a more honest view of yourself.

Taking one minute a day for yourself is better than not doing anything at all. So, if you’re part of the “all or nothing” crowd, step out of the circle and just do something.

At the same time, there will be times in your life where your healing will be (and must be) your priority. There will be situations where the inner work is all you can do to make it through your day, where the deeper connection with yourself is what saves you. Embrace those times too, knowing that they won’t last and that there will be times of hope and lightness again.

It’s like you’re swinging on the swing – sometimes you’re going really far into opposite directions and sometimes you’re just swinging along; peaceful, connected, happy.

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