Are YOU seeing YOURSELF?

There’s an episode of Buffy where a group of men comes to town and takes away everyone’s voices. They rip out people’s hearts and although they scream at the top of their longs, nobody can hear them, because, well, they don’t make a sound.

That’s how I felt l growing up.

I used to feel like I was screaming, screaming, screaming and nobody would hear me.

I screamed and cried and begged for help and nobody would respond.

I was drowning but I obviously couldn’t make a sound. Or I did. I don’t know.

What I knew was that nobody heard me.

Nobody saw me.

Nobody acknowledged my pain.

How about you? Are you screaming at the top of your lungs without making a sound?

Are you showing the world your misery and nobody responds?

Do you feel like you’re not being seen?

Not being heard?

Not being acknowledged?

Here’s the thing: Nobody saw me. Nobody heard me. Nobody saved me.

Until the moment I saw myself. Until I heard myself. Until I saved myself.

So, the question is: are YOU seeing YOURSELF?

Are YOU hearing yourself and responding to your needs?

Are YOU acknowledging the screams of your soul and are actually TAKING ACTION toward releasing whatever is NOT working for you anymore?

Despite the FEAR.
Despite the PAIN.
Despite the UNKNOWN?

If you don’t, of course nobody else will.
if you don’t, of course you’ll stay stuck.
If you don’t, of course your pain won’t heal.

If you don’t, of course you’ll never change a thing.

And yet, once you’re ready to take some SERIOUS action, you WILL be heard. You WILL be seen. You WILL be saved – by YOU.

And until then, I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you. AND I am holding you to a vision of yourself that you may not even be able to see just yet.

The question – again – is are you willing to step it up?


Or are you going to wait until your life’s over?

If that’s not an option for you – and holy hell, I hope it’s not – it’s time for me and you to get to the bottom of what’s REALLY going on and how you can REALLY get to a place of freedom from your need to be thin, from the bingeing, the dieting, the overall feeling of having to shape your body and life into someone else’s box.

Send me a message and we’ll get going on breaking out of that self-made prison.

You in?

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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