Are You Ready to Un-Come?

This post is something very special, from my heart to yours. Make sure you read all the way to the end so you don’t miss it.

There’s this moment of tuning in to body-love where you notice the shift.
You physically feel that something inside has changed
transformed in a way you could’ve never imagined before.

Sure, you dreamt of it.
Yes, you wanted it.

But, deep down, really you never believed in it.

And then it happens –
because of guided steps,
commitment to self-healing
and the willingness to surrender and allow –
and you finally see your body for what she’s always been,

truly is.

That’s a moment that changes your life.

Your every day.
The way you move
experience this world
and, obviously, yourself.

That’s a moment that you’ll never forget –
or don’t even remember because all it was was the payoff of the work you couldn’t not do –
you couldn’t not lean into –
you couldn’t not surrender to.

That’s a moment that I’ve had.
My clients have had.
And you can have too.

It’s the point where your entire being finally shifts from pain to freedom,
from disempowerment to magnificence,
from victimhood to self-realization.

It’s the point of no return:
the point you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

I’ve had this moment years ago and to this day,
I am deeply grateful
and utterly amazed
at how much my DNA has changed because of it.

Every Single Thing in my life
is different.

Not because it actually IS different,
but because I see it in a different light.
Because I am no longer at war with what is and instead
am totally and completely respecting the body I was given.

It’s the moment many dream of –

not because it means they’ll be skinny for the rest of their lives
not because it means they’re now more worthy
not because it means everything will be rainbows and unicorns.

No, because it’s the moment they give up their fight with themselves.
The moment they finally allow themselves to step into their power,
to realize their own truth.

It’s the shift from living a lie to living your actual LIFE.

There’s nothing more powerful.
There’s nothing more awe-inspiring.
There’s nothing more urgent.

Those moments, then, that follow of going to the beach
with your bathing suit
and – gasp – not feeling shame.

Those moments, then, that follow of eating the ice-cream
without – gasp – guilt
and the resolution of dieting once again.

Those moments, then, that follow of respecting your satiation
and – gasp –
stopping when you’ve had enough.

And those moments that follow of feeling your feelings
without – gasp –
turning to chocolate whenever life gets in the way.

Those moments, then,
of normal life
will make up yours.

There’s deep healing that must happen before you can –
are even capable of –
experiencing that shift.

Not because you’re not capable now, no, but because you cannot see it,
cannot imagine it,
cannot touch it,
and thus can’t even “go there”.

So, deep healing must be first.

The work you don’t want to do.
The work you have been running away from
for as long as you can remember.
The work you know you can’t not do
but won’t do
because –


It’ll feel uncomfortable?
It’ll open you up?
Crush you momentarily?

But only to lift you up.
Only to allow the true you to emerge.
Only to get to the bottom of all your light.

The thing,
and you’ll like this,
is that the deep healing
the healing that gets you to the shift
that moment of pure vision,
of never-ending respect of the body you have,

doesn’t have to take forever.

Deep healing doesn’t have to last a lifetime,
although it does,
but not really.

That opening up,
the reaching of the core of your limiting beliefs,
your fears,
your hatred for yourself,
can happen in a moment too.

With the right guidance.
With the right tools.
With YOUR willingness to experience it.

There’s no one who can’t get to that place.
There’s no one who can’t experience this feeling.
There’s no one who can’t not know this truth.

The truth that is uniquely yours.
The truth that only YOU will recognize.
The truth that only YOU will feel.

As I’ve guided clients through this process,
I’ve come to realize that the staying with the process,
the staying in the moment,
the relentless willingness to go deeper and deeper
is the one and only requirement to heal.

And I can guide you through this process –
in two days.

VIP days in fact.
In a place that is full of magic,
full of energies that go far beyond anything you experience in your daily life.

A place that will wake up,
open you up,
make you raw,
and ready to voice your core beliefs,
your truth,
your never spoken secrets.

In the safety of the close circle of two.

It’s a place that I’ve been coming back to for decades.
A place that has led to much healing,
enormous surrendering,
beautiful insights
over the past 20 years.

It’s a place that has both beauty
and peace.

A place that will challenge your fears,
get you out into the discomfort you usually avoid,
a place that will mirror your own beauty in the depth of its grace.

This place, my Saint Tropez, has been tugging at me
for years
to take clients to.

To create special journeys with special people
who are willing
and ready
to transform it all.

To go the extra mile
to arrive back home.

This place, my Saint Tropez, which had stolen my heart
the very first time I came here when I was just 10 years old,
will be the very spring of your body-love.

This place, my Saint Tropez,
can be YOUR place too.

The place you’ll lay to rest all your anger
all your fears
all your self-loathing
and body-regret.

This place, your Saint Tropez,
will be – if you want it to be –
the place of unbelieving
all you’ve thought of yourself,
your body,
your relationship to food.

This place, just one day,
will – if you let it –
rock your world.

So, what do you say?
You and me?
AND Saint Tropez?

2 days.
1 unforgettable experience.

The beach (yup, you in a bathing suit!)
The food (best food in the WORLD)
The hike (oh, the nature!)
The deep transformation via coaching
The journaling
going deeper than ever before – really!
The complete attention
The knowing that you can’t get out but completely altered
The body image healing
The soul opening
The food revelations
The never-ending benefits that’ll weave themselves through your life,
your heart,
your every relationship,
and waking hour.

The complete VIP experience in one of the most luxurious places in the world.

Is this vision calling you? Send me an email at

There are limited places available.
This summer.
So, don’t think twice.

Say yes,
get the details and join me in creating the magic you’ve always dreamt of –
or maybe never even dared to dream at all.

From all of my heart,

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