Allow your story to evolve


Just because something was true back in the day, doesn’t mean it’s true now.
Just because you once felt sad and alone, doesn’t mean you have to hold on to those feelings forever
and ever.
Just because you were once betrayed, doesn’t mean that’ll be the story of your life.
Just because you felt lost before, doesn’t mean you’ll always feel that way.
Just because you have a picture of yourself in your mind, doesn’t mean that it’s the true you.

Pictures change.
People change.
Stories evolve in a myriad of ways.

Our need to hold on to what was derives from our biggest fears, our most glorious dreams and our insecurities.

We believe that by staying safe we can protect ourselves from what is and will be
when in reality this way of living life keeps us from being who we are and want to be.

Life is uncertain in its essence.
It ebbs and flows.
Pulls you in and pushes you out.

By compulsively holding on to what was, what once made you feel a certain way, you deny yourself the experience of true joy, true wonder, true awe.

It’s in the moment of surrender where magic happens.
It’s in the moment of giving in where peace begins.
It’s in the moment of letting go where your life really starts.

Of course it’s easier to hold on to the past.
Of course it feels safer-
even if your past was anything but physically and mentally safe.

It’s what you know.
What you’ve always known.

It’s where your perception of yourself was born.

Where you began to create a tale of your core,
your gifts
your supposed shortcomings.

It’s the platform you’re building your life upon.

And how is that working out for you?

Just because you once thought it was true, doesn’t make it true right here and right now.

The body you had yesterday is not the body you have today.
The body you had when you were born is a completely different body than the body of your toddler phase.
The body you’ll have in 3 weeks will be different than the one you’re living in in this very moment.

Our platforms, our base, our beliefs about what is true, what is factual, who we are is just an illusion.

It’s not real.

We are more than what we see.
We are so much more than what is going on in our minds.
And we are not our stories, our past, our experiences.

So, I’m asking you, who are you?

If you were to let go of the narrative that’s been written over the past decades, who would you be?
If you were to let go of words to describe your features, who’d you be?
If you were to truly dive into wordlessness and emerge in pure feelings, how’d that feel?

And how would you allow it to evolve over the moments, the hours, the days and years? 

Yesterday I had a powerful revelation in a session with my coach.

We did a deep dive into my psyche and I acknowledged the truth that I am still holding on to the snake that is my victim story.  I received a clear picture of that snake frantically moving, breathless, but not going anywhere. The snake, my victim mentality, is there to protect me, to keep me in the past, to provide a sanctuary for me when I need it.

The thing is, I don’t need it. I just think I do.

In fact, that place, that bright green, wiggling snake is holding me imprisoned in many ways, keeping me from moving into the present moment.

It’s up to me to let her go, release this part of me that still keeps coming up, attacking me, reminding me that I liked being in the Poor Me space for quite some time because, at that point, it kept me alive.

That is an essential truth: many of the things we did in the past, the experiences we now wish away, served a purpose. They kept us going, they kept us sane, they did whatever we needed in that place in time. 

But now, we’re in a different place.

And we can release, shed our skin and grow into a beautiful new being that’s living in the light.

Just because my snake was my best friend when I was 15 years old, doesn’t mean I need to keep her around until the day I die.

What’s your snake?
How are you calling her back over and over again?
And how are you going to release her with love?

Book a coaching session with me to begin the process of surrendering to what is, releasing what was and learning to deal with the nature of life: the pure, glorious, never-ending uncertainty. 


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