365 Journaling Prompts

for more Body-Confidence, Self-Love & Happiness

Have you been wanting to start a solid journaling practice but you have no idea how to begin?

Have you been hearing all about the magic of writing but you are scared of actually sitting down and allowing your true Self to speak?

Have you been journaling for a while but you feel a bit uninspired?

I get it.

Journaling can seem a bit daunting and it is challenging to start a solid journaling practice.

But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I’ve created *365 Journaling Prompts for more Body-Confidence, Self-Love and Happiness*.
Join me for 365 days of journaling and dive into your inner world.

A year of inspiration.

A year of writing.

A year of gaining clarity, re-gaining self-respect and finding true self-love.

Gain access to the 365 days of journaling right now!


*Today Only*

Journaling was the #1 tool that helped me find true peace around my body and my life (that and the vision that one day I’d have a family).

When you journal, magic ensues.

It happens because you allow your subconscious to surface and help you to heal what needs to be healed (and that is rarely our weight and our “issues” with food). When you put a pen to paper, you begin to unravel and open doors that remained closed for decades; doors that are waiting to finally bust open.

You begin to hear yourself, feel yourself and trust yourself more and more.

Your self-confidence strengthens, the bar on your bullshit barometer increases and you begin to be yourself, truly, fully yourself no matter how other people react to you showing up as the person you are.

That is why I am offering this beautiful Email Series to help you tap into the power of soul- opening journaling, which will become the power tool you need on the way to pure freedom.

Through writing, I slowly accepted my body in its natural shape. Step by step, I began to be fascinated by my body’s alliance, hard work and immense wisdom.

Sharing my feelings, opening up about my struggles provided me with strength, hope and a surprising amount of support from my innermost core.

Writing often helped me to express what I hadn’t yet been able to put into spoken words and to this day, writing is my go-to healing tool.

Journaling makes all the difference.

This self-reflective program will support you in using the power of writing to nurture yourself, connect with your body and replace paralyzing doubts with loving acceptance.


*Today Only*

The Details:

Investment: $97 $67.9 Today Only

How it works: Every day, you’ll receive a journaling prompt delivered to your email inbox that will inspire you to dive into your own mind, connect with your true emotions and shine a light on your fears.

What You Need: a beautiful notebook would be great and your favorite pen. Some time for yourself where you can write.

Bring all of yourself. BE all of yourself.

About the Creator

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an anti-diet coach and body confidence expert who wants you to know one thing: your weight does NOT determine your worth.

A firm believer that you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to wait to start living because of your weight, Anne-Sophie works with women around the globe to help them escape diet prison and make eating fun again (because life is a lot more delicious when food doesn’t rule your life).

Now a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Martha Beck Life Coach, Anne-Sophie struggled with disordered eating, yo-yo dieting and binging and purging for over 14 years. After a serious health scare, Anne-Sophie entered recovery and launched her own recovery-focused blog, later named one of the Best 25 Personal Growth Blogs 2015 by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Since then, she’s helped countless clients write new rules around food, self love, body image and life in general and has shared her revolutionary anti-diet message in top publications like She Takes on the World, Tiny Buddha and Huffington Post.

And when Anne-Sophie’s not helping clients fall madly in love with their own bodies (and lives) you’ll likely find her enjoying her own by devouring a delicious book, swimming with her adorable son, savoring a massive ice cream cone (sans guilt) or (most likely) catching up on old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Ready to change your life? Join this soul-opening Email Series now!

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