026 Your Life Your Success – From Soccer Player to Business Owner with Kathryn Moos

VROU - Kathryn Walking - VROU

Kathryn, is the Founder and CEO of VROU, a Women’s Health Brand that targets major voids within Women’s nutrition and fills them with innovative and specialized products.

In this edition of Your Life Your Success, Kathryn talks about her hopes for her company, what she wants her brand to focus on and where she dreams of going with her first product and beyond. We go deeper into the ins and outs of creating a physical product. Kathryn also shares her experience playing soccer in Iceland.

We touch on the importance of a water for women and why women have different nutritional aspects than men.

Kathryn then shares what’s interesting and surprising about her co-founders, why she decided  to partner with her co-founders and what the inspiration behind the name vrou was.

We talk about going from having an idea to making it a reality, how to deal with self-doubt and how to keep up a self-care routine even in the craziness of building your own company.

Her book recommendation: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

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